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Young Woman Having Counselling Session

Psychedelic Drugs: A Possible Treatment for Depression and Mood Disorder

The downward spiral of clinical depression and anxiety may be difficult to arrest. New treatments are either inaccessible or not yet safe to use. The global burden of disease is increasing for mental disorders, and the effectiveness of available modes of intervention depends on several factors. Many people who are living with mental disorders try

teenage boys playing soccer

Exciting Outdoor Games and Activities Your Teenage Kids Will Love

Being a teenager is one long transitional period. This is the time when kids tend to be more expressive in their opinion of things and engage in more mature activities while becoming young adults. As a parent, your involvement is now more important than ever since it’s also the time when their curiosity can get

woman with long hair

4 Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Beautiful During Summer

The extreme heat of the sun is your hair’s biggest enemy. Just a few minutes of exposure to it can leave your locks dry and parched. To prevent that from happening, your tresses need some serious care and protection against it. Now that the summer season is officially here, you’re probably looking for ways to

gym instructors promotional picture

Fitness Brands are Jockeying Their Way Into Fashion

A year ago the New York Times published an opinion piece that attacked yoga pants and the women who wear them. Multiple women, and men, rose to defend the existence and the utility of yoga pants and the piece was flooded with negative reactions, comments, and arguments. It may seem a little silly for so

physiotherapist checking on elderly woman's spine

What Can Physiotherapy Do for You?

Are you being nagged by your arthritis or your back pain during your sleep? Has foot pain been bothering you for some time now after a bad fall in one of your basketball games? Then it is time to see a physiotherapist. Physiotherapy benefits anyone who suffers from ailments or injuries from neck pain to

couple running on the beach

Give Your Wife the Gift of a Summer-Ready Body

It’s that time of the year again, and people are clamoring to get their summer plans in order. For women, this is an especially stressful time. They’re trying to squeeze in as much dieting into their daily routine just to be summer-ready for their upcoming trip. They may not talk about it openly, but look at how

woman holding broken mirror

Follow These Ways to Regain your Confidence

Nothing can sap your energy faster than failure. But, you need to shake it off and get back to life. Move forward despite feeling insecure and hurt. It is time to feel good about yourself again. You need to show them all that life goes on. Below are some significant pointers that you can do

Woman having reiki healing treatment

What You Can Expect During Reiki Sessions?

Reiki is a healing technique that originated in Japan, which aims to channel energy to improve your body’s physical and emotional healing process. It has been a popular form of alternative medicine and is even utilized by a good number of hospitals and those in medical settings for health and wellness. It is proven to be

man suffering from vertigo

How Do I Know If I Have Vertigo?

If you suffer from vertigo, you’ll probably feel that you’re spinning or that your surroundings are moving when they’re not. Plenty of people who have vertigo also describe it as feeling extremely dizzy. Even very simple movements such as tilting their head to the side could feel unusually intense, and their condition could affect their

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