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What You Can Expect During Reiki Sessions?

Reiki is a healing technique that originated in Japan, which aims to channel energy to improve your body’s physical and emotional healing process. It has been a popular form of alternative medicine and is even utilized by a good number of hospitals and those in medical settings for health and wellness. It is proven to be beneficial and is only performed by a professional Reiki healer.

If you happen to take an interest in receiving or trying this particular type of therapy, there are things you must know. This is to help you prepare and understand the principles surrounding this treatment. To give you an idea about these things, here are a few of them.

Who Can Perform Reiki?

Reiki can only be performed by a Reiki healer. Before someone becomes a professional Reiki healer, they are required to complete a series of courses, which starts with Reiki 1, followed by Reiki 2 training, then onto the Reiki Master Course and practicum. Only by completing all these programs are those who can use this healing technique to empower and channel others’ energy.

How Long Does a Reiki Session Take?

On average, a Reiki therapy can last for about an hour. However, there are also Reiki sessions that can go as long as 90 minutes. This is the maximum time a person can receive this treatment. The number of sessions per patient often depends on how their body or energy reacts to Reiki. Typically, patients didn’t need to comeback after eight sessions.

Do People Lie Down During a Reiki Session?

Patients are expected to be in their most relaxed position during a Reiki session. Healers would advise their client to lie down or to sit upright with your spine straight when receiving this therapy. This is for easier and better energy flow. However, if you have mobility or pain issue, it’s best to notify the Reiki healer or master assigned to you. This is so they could make adjustments to make your treatment easier and more comfortable for you.

Is Reiki Similar with Massage?

Reiki is way more different to massage since there’s no manipulation or pressure points involved. This therapy only requires light and gentle touching to transfer and empower the patient’s energy for fast healing.

You, however, may need to follow standard hand placements or positions, starting from the head down to your feet to equally distribute the energy. In addition, patients have the option of whether they prefer light touch or no touch at all during the session.

What Do Patients Feel During Session?

woman receiving reiki treatment

During and after session, people can instantly feel a different level of relaxation and peace. The aim of this treatment is to keep your nerves and your body in a calm and relaxed state. There are instances in which people fell asleep during session which is totally fine since the effects can still be channeled through you whether you’re awake or asleep.

People can enjoy a lot of benefits through Reiki, which is why it’s not surprising to see an increasing number of individuals interested in trying it. However, bear in mind that it serves as a support to fasten your body’s healing process. If you’re currently undergoing other types of medical treatments, it’s advisable you continue receiving them along with Reiki.

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