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Exciting Outdoor Games and Activities Your Teenage Kids Will Love

Being a teenager is one long transitional period. This is the time when kids tend to be more expressive in their opinion of things and engage in more mature activities while becoming young adults. As a parent, your involvement is now more important than ever since it’s also the time when their curiosity can get the best of them. As times have changed, how their time is spent has also changed. Back then, teens tend to be more outgoing. Nowadays, there’s more focus on what’s the latest gadget model or gaming trend that sweeps the nation. It will take a lot of interest for your child to stay away from their devices, but these exciting activities might just do it:

Outdoor Sports

Ever since video games have been invented, one of the most marketable types of games is sports. They have evolved from pixels representing the balls or other elements to gaining more complex gameplay. Now, we have realistic sports simulations for football, basketball, baseball, and pretty much any sport. If your teen tends to like those, it’s possible that they’ll have the basic knowledge or rules down. So why not invite them to play that sport in real life? Aside from having fun, you also get them to work on physical fitness, which is a great benefit in itself. Don’t worry too much about your kids getting injured as you can easily find a competent sports physician in Suwanee, Georgia.


Isn’t it fun to simulate something that happens in video games? While teenagers nowadays are hooked to their phones or gaming consoles to simulate a war-like experience, there are fun activities where you can shoot each other without the fear of killing someone or leaving life-threatening injuries. Paintball has been around for a while and gained popularity over the years because of the friendly competition as well as the thrill of being in a gunfight situation. The venues are safe since they’re designed for such an activity, and protective gear is readily available. Staff is ready to instruct you how to use it. Once you’re fully geared up, it’s time to shoot down some people.

Street Art

teens with parents putting paints in the wall

This activity is perfect for teenagers who have a particular taste for creative activities. Art can be done anywhere, and there are multiple possibilities starting from the media that they can use to the very canvas they choose, even ordinary walls. As we all know, teenage years are a ripe time to develop talent and possibly make their careers that will go through to adulthood. If your child has it, then why not go for an outdoor painting session? Take them to places that have scenic views and landscapes. Let the inspiration flow and express yourselves through brush and paint.

Even with these suggestions, many parents like you would still consider it a challenge to convince their teens to go outside. Remember to be patient with them while using this approach as you don’t want them to take this as just another chore you want them to accomplish. Wait for the right cues and time your moves. Soon, these activities can be a regular part of your family bonding time.

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