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What Can Physiotherapy Do for You?

Are you being nagged by your arthritis or your back pain during your sleep? Has foot pain been bothering you for some time now after a bad fall in one of your basketball games? Then it is time to see a physiotherapist. Physiotherapy benefits anyone who suffers from ailments or injuries from neck pain to sports injuries. Any physio clinic in Singapore will be well equipped and prepared for whatever musculoskeletal condition you may have. But what can physiotherapy really do for you?

Relieves Aches and Pain

Pain is usually the major reason why anyone would want to see a physiotherapist. Pain is an outcome of many daily activities, from simply sitting for hours in front of your desk at work to more serious events like a tennis elbow or an injury from a motorcycle crash. Pain that suddenly came or developed and evolved through the years is still pain that is hard to go away. If the aches are persistent, no matter how serious the injury or ailment is, they can always affect your work, your studies, or just your time at home. With physiotherapy, the pain can be eased while putting a cap on your demand for painkillers, which is a much-needed rest for your kidneys.

Prevents Disease and Injury

Whatever your fitness level, a physiotherapist can identify and treat your issues with an approach that is made for you, based on your experience with the ailment. They will help you manage acute or chronic conditions while putting limits and restrictions on what you can do. You will learn how to properly move your body so as to prevent or lessen stress on your joints and muscles. This may also come with a workout regimen that fits you. Guided by a workable approach, you will prevent the occurrence of a sprain or strain. The physiotherapist will also teach you with better strength and flexibility from rehabilitation to maintenance, preventing future injuries or potential diseases from occurring.

physiotherapist doing adjustments to aged man

Offers a Personalised Approach

One thing that is great about physiotherapy is the personalised approach that it provides to every patient. An assessment of your condition and physical capabilities is done first to craft a personalised recovery program that is flexible enough to changes, depending on your progress. Through this personalised program, the physiotherapist will be able to optimise your mobility, general physical activity, and overall health. There will be movements that should be done and cannot be done and activities that you can do and that others with similar issues cannot. As such, you will be able to maintain functional independence while you recover and achieve the most favourable physical performance expected of you.

Physiotherapy is a treatment approach that is both holistic and individualised. It does not only work to relieve the pain and suffering of patients, but it also educates patients to better manage their ailments and live a better and more functional life. From assessment, treatment, to maintenance and support, physiotherapy can deliver by achieving results in the most optimal way.

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