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The Top Alternatives to Surgical Facelift

The search for an effective non-surgical facelift in Salt Lake City is something that many people have gone for in lieu of traditional surgical options. That is pretty understandable given the many risks that are associated with such surgery.

Another reason that people seek out alternatives is the much lower cost associated with such alternatives. Here are the best options you can go for if you want a facelift but none of the risks and pains associated with surgery.


One of the most common alternatives to surgical facelifts is Botox treatment. Botox is actually short for botulinum toxin. While that might sound scary, it isn’t harmful at all. It’s one of the most efficient methods out there that can remove crow’s feet, wrinkles, and other fine lines.

This works by halting nerve signals from reaching your facial muscles. This causes muscles to shorten and contract. The end result is firmer and softer skin that can last from four to six months from a single treatment.


woman having a face injectionFacial fillers work in essential diametric opposition to the operating mechanism of Botox. Rather than work on the muscles under wrinkle spots, fillers — as the name implies — tend to full the creases with all kinds of substances that are safe altogether.

The mechanism goes beyond smoothing out skin, however, as it can work toward lifting the cheeks and making it look far plumper. Fillers are also known to be used in the jawline as well as the temple areas. Sculptra is one perfect example of an effective filler.


This is considered the more affordable form of non-surgical facelift in Salt Lake City as opposed to Botox. Funnily, they’re essentially the same type of strain and work in essentially the same way — to relax muscles and enhance a natural, smoother look.

The key difference between the two lies in the potency of proteins within each strain. Dysport also manifest its effects sooner — making it perfect for a quick lift prior to a major event.


Another popular non-invasive treatment utilizes ultrasound. What this does is to heat up the tissues under the surface of the skin. There are no injections involved in this procedure and what basically happens is the encouragement of natural collagen production.

What helps make this more effective is that it simply utilizes natural processes that don’t cause harm. This is one of the costlier options available but isn’t needed to be repeated for at least six to twelve months.


This is another non-invasive option that relies on radio frequencies that help to smoothen out and improve your skin. It works two ways. With existing collagen, it tightens these up.

It then also encourages the production of new collagen. All told, it is one of the safest procedures you can get done as well as the most affordable — you don’t need to repeat the procedure for another two to three years.

The quest to look younger is something everyone undertakes. While many fear going under the knife, there are a lot of other methods that are non-invasive. The key is to find a provider who can give the very best of these services.

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