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How Medical Workers Can Reduce the Risk of the Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus has turned hospitals into battlefields. Setting foot in the immaculate white halls of hospitals means putting your life in great danger. If you’re not careful, you might not come out alive. That is the tragic reality of working as a medical frontliner in the age of pandemic. Health care workers are the

5 Benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Have you been suffering from depression or anxiety attacks? Or perhaps you’ve been diagnosed with PTSD or OCD? Maybe someone you know has issues with substance abuse or behavioral disorder? No matter which of these situations you or anyone you know are suffering from, it’s critical that you avail professional help to address the problem

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The Invaluable Role Formal Test Prep Coaching has for Students

To ensure students gain the maximum benefit from SAT Tutoring in London, careful consideration must be given to the service provider chosen.  Finding the right tutor for a student is indispensable as this influences how well the student remains motivated in their SAT test preparation plan.  This is important for a number of reasons. For

woman looking fresh in her 50s

Ways to Look Younger as You Age

While it is impossible to turn back the clock, some tricks can maintain your youthful glow. Here are some ways to look your best as you age. 1. Get scalp micro-pigmentation Thinning hair and hair loss are apparent signs of aging. At the age of 30, some men start to show signs of baldness, and

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Six Ways to Enjoy a Day or Two Within Sterling Heights

If you’re visiting Sterling Heights and find yourself with a day or two on your hands, but don’t feel like going much further afield, you may be wondering about the entertainment options and activities nearby. Here are six ways to keep you occupied without leaving the city. Check out special events and seasonal attractions Whenever

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What’s the Damage?: Know Your Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents happen every day. If you are one of those unlucky to experience one, then you would be lucky to get out of it unscathed. You will most likely get an injury or two. Though there are a wide variety of possible injuries, here is a quick list of some of the more common

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How to Plan the Perfect Anniversary in Dubai

Planning an anniversary celebration can be overwhelming. How do you plan the perfect day with your loved one to celebrate another year of being together? But with the right foresight and know-how, you can have a memorable anniversary celebration in Dubai without breaking the bank. To plan the perfect anniversary celebration, here are some questions

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