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Why Invisalign Stands Out

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have heard about Invisalign Dublin by now. Invisalign is the leading clear brace system that is capable of fixing a heap of orthodontic issues. Over the last ten years, with the rise of social media, this form of teeth straightening has taken off to new heights, becoming more popular than ever, but why is this? Let’s take a closer look at all the reasons Invisalign stands out in the orthodontic crowd.


We know how much our lives now exist online, and having the perfect set of teeth to flash on our socials is becoming more and more of a necessity. In the past, having braces meant having visible wires on your teeth. This process of straightening is fantastic, but there are understandably some patients who may prefer the more subtle look of clear braces. Invisalign is made from clear plastic trays that can sit flush over the teeth and thus rid you of any worries that people might notice or stare. For those in professional positions and straightening their teeth as adults, this can be super important and be the thing that actually enables them to get the orthodontic treatments they’ve always wanted/needed.


One thing people massively overlook when focusing on the benefits of Invisalign is just how amazing it is that you’re able to remove them for cleaning. Oral hygiene is the most important part of your oral health and can be the difference between keeping your teeth and not. Hundreds, if not thousands of people end up with signs of gum disease and/or decay when they’ve undergone orthodontic work because they begin to neglect their oral hygiene. This often happens because teeth just become so much harder to clean with big wires in the way. With Invisalign, this isn’t an issue! BIG PLUS.

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Invisalign is adaptable to lifestyle, and this has a few components to it. First of all, as we’ve mentioned they’re removable, which means that you can take them out for Emily’s wedding next summer and won’t have to avoid certain foods when picking your weekly meal plan. As long as you don’t start taking them out every time you have an event you’ll be fine! Special occasions such as birthdays and weddings are the perfect excuse to have a day of brace rest!

Another feature is that there aren’t any sharp areas that can get caught in your mouth. Invisalign patients do not have to worry about getting niggles and nags on their gums, and many people report finding their clear braces highly comfortable.


Invisalign has introduced a set of moving accessories, which means they are now able to tackle even more complex orthodontic issues. Bands can be attached to pull teeth into place, and little spots can be placed on the teeth to help twist them further around; this is great as it can enable more patients to opt for a system they feel comfortable with.

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