What Are The Benefits Of Invisalign?

Invisalign is a treatment for teeth straightening that was developed in the late 1990s, and which has become immensely popular since then. Many people choose Invisalign St John’s Wood as a straightforward and subtle option for getting the smile they want. This is an exploration of the benefits of the treatment, including its invisible nature, comfort and ease and minimal requirement for lifestyle changes.


Many people are put off the idea of getting their teeth straightened, because they are worried about feeling self-conscious during treatment. Invisalign solves that issue because it is a type of orthodontics that is completely invisible. The teeth are moved into a straight position using aligners, which are trays of clear plastic that form an invisible guard over the teeth.

People who are keen to get a smile to be proud of as adults, rather than as young adolescents, often do not want everyone knowing that they are wearing braces. Invisalign provides this option whilst remaining highly efficient.

Helps with oral health

Whilst wearing the aligners, it is easy to maintain good oral health. This is because they are removable, which means that the teeth can be brushed and flossed thoroughly without having to navigate around wires and brackets. This treatment also minimises the risk of getting food debris trapped in the teeth, which helps to keep them fresh and healthy.

Once the treatment has been completed, the patient can look forward to better oral health in the long term. This is because teeth that are straight are much easier to keep clean and free from debris. It is simpler to get to places that were once hard to reach in the mouth, considerably reducing the risk of issues such as gum disease and tooth loss.


Invisalign is very much an individual treatment, because the braces are custom made for each patient. They are created using impressions of the exact size, shape and position of the teeth, which means they are a perfect fit and deliver targeted results. The tailored nature of the braces and the fact that they are made of a very soft and malleable plastic means that they are very comfortable to wear.

woman eating healthy diet

No need to change diet

These braces are removed for eating.  Other types of braces require the patient to restrict their diet in some ways and even avoid certain foods. However, invisible braces demand no such changes due to the fact that they are taken out before a meal. This means that the patient can eat whatever they like during treatment, which helps them to maintain a good quality of life and enjoy food as usual.

Continue to enjoy hobbies

Sometimes, people who enjoy contact sports or who play some musical instruments are unsure about getting braces, because they fear they will not be able to take part in their favourite hobbies. This is not an issue with clear braces, as they can be removed so that the patient can enjoy their favourite activities as normal, provided that they are vigilant about wearing them for the majority of the time each day.

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