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When traditional braces just won’t do

For some people, traditional fixed braces are a treatment plan that is just not an option for them. It could be the cost, the time frame that they are expected to be worn for, the inconvenience of needing to regularly visit the dentist to have the wires tightened, or the appearance of the treatment and the impact this can have on their social or business lives.

Whatever the reason, dentists have listened. They understand that people can and will put off necessary treatment, because it is not convenient or viable for them. Thankfully, there are a range of different braces that are now available that can cater for a range of different needs and lifestyles, so that everybody who is considering or who needs to have treatment to straighten their teeth, can do so.

Who needs to wear a teeth straightening device?

People who have cramped teeth, crooked or overlapping teeth or who have gaps in their teeth are all eligible for one of the many procedures available that aim to straighten teeth. When a child is about seven, their bite is generally examined to determine whether they need to wear braces to correct the alignment of their jaw as well.

During an initial consultation with a new dentist, even adults will be subject to this examination, so that the dentist is happy with their patient’s bite.

Anyone with a crossbite, an underbite or an overbite, any situation where the teeth don’t line up together as they should, can be eligible to have their bite corrected using braces.

It is important to consider this option, as not fixing a misaligned bite or crooked teeth can have lasting detrimental effects. Many people experience pain in their jaw and their teeth can be worn down over time if they do not correct the alignment of their jaw. Those with crooked teeth can be susceptible to damage of those teeth and they are generally more plaque laden, as they are difficult to clean correctly.

This will result in an erosion of enamel and subsequent dental decay. Individuals who do not get the access to repair these teeth early enough may find that they will need to have these damaged teeth replaced.

What devices are available?


Aside from the traditional fixed braces, there are also more convenient and user friendly removable ones as well. More famously known as Invisalign in Kings Hill, these clear, plastic trays are placed on teeth for as long as possible each day, to gently push teeth into their correct alignment.

A few hours each day they can be removed, so that the patient can eat and brush their teeth as normal. This allows for minimal disruption to their daily life. As the trays are clear, they are barely visible when a person speaks or smiles, giving them that critical confidence that they need during their teeth straightening journey.

There is plenty to learn and understand when choosing a device. By speaking with a professional, or seeking information from trusted websites online, patients can discover what they need, in order to make an informed decision about what device they would like to use to straighten their teeth.

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