dental braces - lingual braces, before and after

What are braces designed to do?

Braces are a treatment that numerous patients could benefit from, this treatment is commonly associated with childhood and therefore, it can be a misinterpretation that this treatment is only available for children who have crooked teeth. This is a common misconception, but this treatment, in its many forms, can be used on a whole host of different patients. Nobody should have to live with crooked teeth, if indeed this problem can be rectified. This treatment, in its numerous forms, is designed to guide teeth back to their most optimal position. The forms of this treatment should be selected on an individual patient basis, aligners that can be taken out are a popular choice but often are limited to simpler dental issues. Fixed brackets are an option, alongside removable appliances. This article will discuss what kind of patients would benefit from different kinds of treatment as well as outlining the number of benefits that are associated with this treatment. This, coupled with extra information on the website, will allow patients to make an informed decision about their possible need for this treatment.

Why would braces be a good fit for you?

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Braces could be a good choice of dental treatment for a number of different patients. Patients who are unhappy with the alignment of their teeth often opt in for this kind of treatment. Taking aligners first, this treatment is usually a good fit for people who have a small dental issue to fix. This treatment works quickly and can correct crooked teeth, teeth that are overcrowded or have gaps between them. This treatment can work in six months or less and yields long lasting results. Patients who have used this treatment have reported these aligners to be comfortable and effective. Removable appliances are used to correct specific dental issues that are often associated with a specific area of the mouth. The appliances are plastic and are designed to clip over the teeth. These appliances are designed to be left in for the majority of the time and only be taken out for cleaning.  Fixed brackets are used to correct more complex issues, so patients with more severe dental issues could benefit from this treatment. These brackets are glued to the teeth and move the teeth to a straighter state.

What are the benefits of braces?

There are many benefits to this type of treatment. If a patient uses the aligner technique then they benefit from a reduced amount of visits to the dental practice. These aligners are also clear and so can be undetected by other people. If a patient uses fixed braces these come in a tooth coloured form as to not attract too much attention, in case this was something that a patient was worried about. The benefits of this treatment include a healthier looking smile that can often aid in activities such as chewing. A straighter smile becomes easier to clean as the teeth are in a more optimal position, this can have further benefits as it could reduce the risk of diseases such as gum disease. With the teeth moved into a better position, this can also reduce the risk of chipping teeth that may have otherwise been protruding. Straighter teeth can totally transform a patient’s smile.

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