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Ways to Teach Your Children About Dental Care

The importance of proper dental care is something that you must instill in your child at a young age. A lot of children suffer from cavities later in life because of a lack of proper hygiene, which stems from the parents’ inability to educate their children on this matter. Healthy teeth help boost your child’s confidence as they start to go to school and socialize with other people, so it pays to make them aware of how to take good care of their little choppers. How do you teach kids about dental care? Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started:

Start by educating yourself

There are certain things that you need to know to be in a better position to teach your child about dental care. For one, primary teeth plays an important role in the overall oral health of your child. They keep the jaws properly aligned and make way for adult teeth. Primary teeth also play a big role in how young children learn to chew their food and speak different words. Most especially, these little teeth make your child build confidence as they smile and talk.

Teach proper brushing

To protect their baby teeth, kids should learn how to brush properly. Teach them by including a brushing time in their daily routine. While most kids are eager to learn new things and do it on their own, it still pays to supervise them closely while doing the task. Help your child to remove all the food particles stuck in their tiny pearly whites.

Don’t forget to buy them a child-friendly toothbrush and toothpaste. Put the proper amount of paste—usually approximately the size of a rice grain for children younger than three years and a pea-size amount for ages three and above. Once your child gets the hang of it, make them do it twice a day, preferably in the morning and before bedtime.

Take them to the dentist

An early visit to a pediatric dentist in Utah lets you expose your child to the people who will take good care of their teeth. It is important for parents to take their children to a clinic at an early stage. This is the key to raising a child who is not scared of the dentist.

A checkup with a licensed pediatric dentist will help determine not only the current oral health of the child but also potential dental issues that may arise later on. Dentists also give advice on proper hygiene and other matters such as whether your child needs fluoride supplements for stronger teeth.

Tell them about sugar

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Sugar gives children the energy to stay alert and alive throughout the day, but too much of it can lead to cavities. Explain to your child how sugar, particularly sticky candies, can harm their teeth. Limit their access to caramel, toffee, gum, and other sugar-rich goodies. When they do eat such, tell them to brush right after.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to establish proper dental hygiene in your young child. Through proper education and guidance, your child will carry on these lessons as they grow older, helping them keep their teeth and gums healthy. As a last piece of advice, work closely with a pediatric dentist so that you can properly guide your little one.

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