Ways to Address Five Health Issues Common to Office Workers

Working in an office has its advantages. You get to work in a relatively safe and comfortable environment. There is no need to lift heavy objects, get exposed to hazardous materials, or work under the heat of the sun. But this is not to say that it has no drawbacks.

Working behind a desk all day can ruin your health. You are not only prone to stress and burnout. You can also experience some health issues for sitting all day and staring at the computer for hours. The following are just some of the common health problems office workers can experience and what you can do to solve each one:


This health issue is common to people whose work is dependent on their computer use. Staring at a computer screen for hours without breaks can lead to dry or watery eyes, blurry vision, and even headaches. To avoid eyestrain, make sure that you rest your eyes every now and then. Adjust the font size or zoom level of your screen so that you won’t have to constantly squint as you work.


These are another problem many people working offices experience after a long day at work. Stress is a common reason for headaches, along with sleep deprivation, prolonged inactivity, and underlying medical conditions. But did you know that your headache can also be caused by improper ergonomics? Poor posture can also cause headaches. By visiting a physiotherapy clinic in Singapore, licensed professionals can give you the best advice on how you can improve your posture to reduce headaches.

Back Pain

back pain

Sitting for a long time can cause back pain. If you often slouch while you work, this also adds unnecessary pressure to your back and hips. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to prevent back pain. Make sure that you do stretching every now and then and stand and walk around often after sitting at least 45 minutes straight. Invest in an ergonomic chair, as this offers better support than regular office chairs.


Many office works tend to take hydration for granted. They may have their own refillable water bottles with them on their desks, but many fail to drink adequate water throughout the day. Even if you are a heavy coffee drinker, this is not enough to fill in your daily water needs. While coffee may not cause dehydration, its mild diuretic effect makes you want to pee more often. So make sure to drink lots of water while working to avoid dehydration and headaches.


Office workers are also prone to constipation. Dehydration, poor nutrition, and inactivity all lead to constipation. Keep yourself hydrated and eat lots of healthy food, especially those types that contain fibre. Adequate exercise is also a must, so find ways to move around the office.

These are only five issues often experienced by people working in an office. The usual causes are dehydration, a lack of activity, and poor posture. If you frequently experience any of these problems, you now know some of the best ways to prevent them.

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