3 Low-Key Habits That Are Destroying Your Health

Small actions count. You might not be indulging in a cigarette or snagging only three hours of sleep at night, but you could be into low-key habits that are bad for your health.

When it comes to staying healthy, it’s not enough to avoid the big no’s in the book. You need to check the way you do things daily to determine if there are things you do that you need to change ASAP.

Tearing Things with Your Teeth

People today are addicted to convenience. Just as it’s more convenient to carry everything all at once to avoid going back and forth, it’s easier to tear things open with your teeth than to reach for a pair of scissors.

In time, you’ve developed the habit of doing this to bags of chips as well as bottle caps. Your teeth are nifty tools, aren’t they? The problem with this is that they’re tools meant for eating, not for replacing knives and scissors.

This bad habit increases your risk of cracking your teeth. Compared to other oral health problems, it doesn’t sound like something that warrants a visit to an orthodontist in Oviedo, Florida. Don’t wait until you’re reeling from pain in the middle of a busy workday before you book that appointment.

Left untreated, a cracked tooth can cause serious conditions like blood infection and a fatal blood clot. If you’re not fond of treatments and the costs that come with them, you better keep a pair of scissors with you at all times.

Always Dining Out

In a fast-tracked society where socializing is a must, dining out is the highest form of convenience. It’s also the best way to ruin your savings, gain weight, and make yourself prone to a lot of health conditions.

This is because when you dine out, you’re tempted left and right with mouth-watering options that aren’t good for you. Even when you skip your usual fast-food chain and go for an Italian restaurant, it’s difficult not to pack on the carbs and sweets.

It’s a habit that the food industry makes so hard to break, but “hard” is not “impossible.”

Socializing and good food aren’t exclusive to restaurants. Bring your game nights home and bond while you cook your food. Not only will it improve your quality time together, but activities like cooking will also reduce your stress and lift your mood.

Using Earphones All the Time

man with earphones

Remember when you maxed the volume on your phone and a pop-up notification on the screen warned you that it’s dangerous? It’s time you take it seriously. Your earphones, when used too often and without caution, can lead to infections and noise-induced hearing loss.

Worse, it can have lasting effects on your brain. The nerve fibers that carry signals from your ear to your brain suffer damages from high decibel noises.

Since it’s unlikely that anyone today will throw away their earphones, you might as well proceed with caution. Lessen your use of it, especially when you’re walking around the city. Several accidents have occurred because people didn’t hear an oncoming car. This is more common when your device has noise-canceling features.

You’ll also want to keep the volume at a minimum and clean your earphones with each use. Change the earpads once they become dirty and wipe off the cord. These simple actions do a lot to keep your ears healthy.

The next time you feel like dancing to your favorite groove, do it on a loudspeaker at home. You’ll do your ears a great service by allowing it to rest.

No Small Thing

It’s the habits we don’t give a lot of thought to that can hurt us the most. Pause and reflect on your daily activities. If there is anything that exposes you to injuries, bacteria, or poor health choices, get rid of them. You’ll thank yourself for these decisions in the future.

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