5 reasons to visit your dental hygienist

If you have been to your dental practice and you’ve been told that you need an appointment with the dental hygienist, you may be feeling a little perturbed. Why do you need to see a hygienist, when you’ve been to see the dentist? Why doesn’t the dentist treat you during the appointment you’ve attended, instead of telling you to go to the hygienist? Why doesn’t the dentist carry out the work that the hygienist does? What do hygienists do? All of these questions are very reasonable and the answers are easy to provide. A hygienist, Richmond is a highly qualified professional, who is able to carry out preventive care to ensure that you don’t need more invasive treatment with your dentist. They work closely with your dentist to ensure that your oral health remains good and that major issues don’t arise as far as possible. So, here are the top 5 reasons to love your dental hygienist!

Preventive care

A dental hygienist will work to prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease, which can lead to bad breath and tooth loss. They also ensure that they treat stained teeth using the latest technology and pastes to give your teeth a ‘scale and polish’. A scale and polish will remove plaque and improve your oral health. A hygienist can then educate you on brushing and flossing techniques to help you to take action against developing any serious issues that could cause you to have bad breath or tooth loss. As an educator, the hygienist has the time and expertise to support you.

Early identification

During an appointment with a hygienist, they will be looking for signs of any serious issues such as oral cancer, gum disease or cavities. Serious issues with your oral health can also be linked to other areas of the body, so they can also look after your overall health and wellbeing too.

Smoking cessation

One of the biggest causes of stained teeth, as well as more serious oral health issues, is smoking. A hygienist is able to provide smoking cessation advice to help you try and quit. They are normally very empathetic people, who are trained in this area to provide high quality advice and support. They can also advise about other habits that aren’t good for your teeth, such as nail biting, which can damage the front teeth or bring infection into your mouth.

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A trip to the hygienist is more calming for nervous patients

The great thing about going to see the hygienist is the fact that the treatment is normally non-invasive and shouldn’t stir up the same level of fear that a trip to the dentist may cause nervous patients. Dental practices are becoming increasingly aware of how much nervous patients struggle and many are becoming specially trained in dealing with people who have a dental phobia to ensure that they provide the most calming care possible.

Whiter smile

By visiting your hygienist regularly, you will get the professional cleaning you need to have lighter and brighter teeth over time. Hygienists can also help to oversee teeth whitening treatments and are fully trained to do so.

Although it may be tempting to put off seeing the hygienist, there are so many reasons why you shouldn’t, including these top 5! So, make sure you get yourself booked in and keep your smile healthy and attractive.

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