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The Invaluable Role Formal Test Prep Coaching has for Students

To ensure students gain the maximum benefit from SAT Tutoring in London, careful consideration must be given to the service provider chosen.  Finding the right tutor for a student is indispensable as this influences how well the student remains motivated in their SAT test preparation plan.  This is important for a number of reasons.

For a study plan to be effective, the time allocated for preparation must be used efficiently. If a student does not know how to create a schedule to cover all course material and bridge gaps in knowledge, a well-drawn up plan is a necessity. A tutor with personal experience with the SAT, and who has earned great test scores themselves, can offer invaluable guidance and advice.

Test-taking stress and anxiety can be avoided. The adverse effects of pressure placed on students has been widely acknowledged. A common cause of stress seen among young people centres around a major test or exam. Childline provided as many as 2,795 counselling sessions to 15 to 16 year old students relating to exams and tests.  Students often cited a lack of motivation as a factor that concerned them the most.

According to an explanation provided by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), test anxiety comprises two aspects: the first are the negative thoughts that arise around the test (I know I will fail because I struggle at Maths) and the second, the emotional distress linked to thoughts of failure. Highly trained tutors at a reputable SAT tutoring company can be quite effective in addressing both these aspects in one-to-one tutoring sessions.

 Successful formal test preparation coaching

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  • Addressing the student’s specific needs

Different types of test prep services have their own set of positive aspects and being aware of what these are will help find the most suitable option. If a student struggles with organisation or learning on their own, engaging a private tutor may prove most beneficial.

  • The teaching style of the tutor

There is not just one method to teaching and students learn in different ways. The teaching methodology of the tutor must fit in with how a student learns for there to be gains in building skills.

  • What are the particular strengths of the tutor

Depending on their strengths, tutors excel in different areas. Some are better at helping students with learning difficulties while others are great motivators.

To find the right test prep service, make sure to ask the right questions. For example, if test anxiety is a particular cause for concern, make sure to ask what the experience of the tutor is in dealing with this problem.

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