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6 Common Dental Problems

We often visit the dentist only when we start feeling pain or discomfort. But did you know that many dental health problems don’t have symptoms? There are diseases that can only be spotted and prevented by your dentist. That’s why it’s highly recommended that trips to the dentist be made at least twice a year. Here are some common dental problems that your dentist can prevent.

Bad breath

Bad breath may seem like a mere indication of poor hygiene. But even those who brush three times a day and floss their teeth are still prone to having bad breath. 85% of people who suffer from bad breath have an underlying dental problem causing the condition. It can be a gum disease, oral cancer, or bacteria on the tongue that’s causing it. The best way to prevent it is to visit the dentist.


We’ve all experienced a toothache at least once in our lives. And we are all familiar with the unbearable and intense pain. Even if you schedule your dentist appointments every 6 months, there’s a high possibility that toothaches will happen between those periods.

The golden rule is that a toothache should not be ignored. It can be a sign of bigger problems that might need solutions like a wisdom tooth extraction or oral surgery. If you experience a frequent toothache, schedule an appointment with your dentist immediately. In the meantime, ease the pain by gargling with warm water or taking pain relievers.

Tooth decay

Tooth decay is caused by plaque or bacteria build up on the teeth. Debris from the food we eat can easily attach to our teeth and gums. If not properly cleaned by brushing and flossing, these can build up and cause the development of bacteria, damaging our teeth and attacking the enamel. To prevent tooth decay, practice proper dental hygiene and make regular trips to the dentist for cleaning.

Tooth sensitivity

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Have you ever chugged an ice-cold glass of water or bit on a popsicle and immediately experienced pain or discomfort on your teeth? That’s a sign of tooth sensitivity, a condition that affects millions of people around the world. Because it’s so common, people think that it’s absolutely normal. But tooth sensitivity can be an indication of more serious problems like a cracked tooth or tooth abscess.

To prevent losing a tooth or risking an infection, visit your dentist if you experience pain or discomfort when drinking cold or hot beverages. They’ll be able to identify the source and give you the necessary treatment.

Mouth sores

Mouth sores are incredibly painful and bothersome. They have a variety of causes and are actually common occurrences that should be no reason for alarm. They usually disappear and heal on their own over time. But if a mouth sore lasts for more than two weeks, that’s the time you should go visit your dentist.

Oral cancer

Often, we see dental problems as mere inconveniences. They don’t really seem that serious. But little do we know that different oral problems such as difficulty in biting or lumps in the mouth can be a sign of oral cancer. The good news is that visiting your dentist regularly can help spot early signs of oral cancer. And be wary of symptoms such as difficulty chewing, swallowing, moving your tongue and jaw, or sores, lumps, and rough patches in your mouth.

Dental problems may seem like minor inconveniences, but they can lead to more serious health issues if not addressed. The best practice is to visit your dentist as recommended to help spot and prevent dental issues early on.

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