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Limitations, Routines, and Self-Care Practices That Single Moms Can Impose in the Household

Raising kids is no easy task because from the moment they are born, up to the time when they are already capable of caring and earning for themselves, you would still be their parent and nothing can change that fact. But if you happen to be a single mom, you might be worrying about how you can handle such a responsibility.

Of course, besides being there to support their physical and emotional growth, you should ensure that you have a stable job as well. Apart from that, it would also be nice to allot some time for your own well-being every once in a while. So, how can you balance all these as the days pass?

Set Limitations

As a parent, it is your job to set a good example for your children, especially if they are still at an age where they are always easily swayed by external factors. For instance, if they are watching TV after school and you happen to be in the kitchen preparing dinner, then they might come across some channels with content that are not suitable for them. But since they are not aware of it yet, there is a chance that they may end up mimicking such actions or words.

So as early as possible, you should already find a way to discipline them. For starters, you could impose rules within the household, such as limited screen time. Nowadays, you also have the option to set parental controls. So even if you are not there to monitor what your kids are watching, then you would still not worry. Eventually, this may reduce their exposure to blue light as well.

Create a Routine

We all pretty much have an established routine that we stick to. And as a single parent, this would be of great help when it comes to setting a balance. You could start by creating a schedule for meals, homework, and leisure. In that way, as soon as you get home, you would not feel pressed for time.

However, it won’t end there because you should pay attention to household chores as well. But if there are tasks that you know your children can handle, such as picking up their toys and fixing their bed, then you should also encourage them to help you out every once in a while, so that you could still focus on your other priorities.

Care for Yourself

Of course, it is also essential to allot time for self-care, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual. So despite having an eventful day, you should still get enough rest, eat on time, and maybe sit down for a while to meditate. By doing all these, you may find it easier to regain the energy and motivation you need to once again fulfill your duties for the following day.

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Do Fun Activities with Your Kids

On weekends, you could even do activities that may further help in the overall growth and development of your children. For instance, you could start a small garden in your backyard for them to understand the importance of being responsible. If they love playgrounds, you could bring the fun at home by investing in a playset as well.

For better eating habits, it would be wise to prepare the meals yourself instead of having food delivered. Since kids usually love munching on sweets and other tasty snacks, you may want to include a healthier twist so that they would still get the nutrients they need. Let’s say that they consider lasagna as their favorite pasta dish. So instead of using beef as the main ingredient, you could include mushrooms, spinach, and zucchini before topping them off with cheese.

Find Someone Reliable

As much as possible, you should also reach out to someone you can rely on in case you are not physically present. It could be your parents who live nearby or siblings who are planning to make a visit. Let’s say that your kids have a scheduled appointment with the dentist on a weekday. But if you have too much work to do, then they could act as guardians instead.

Fulfilling a Lifelong Commitment

Being a parent is a full-time job that one cannot simply retire from. But if unavoidable situations were to occur and you are left with no choice but to raise your kids on your own, then you should not worry because there are still ways for you to balance your responsibilities as you go along.

You could start by establishing simple rules and following a certain routine within the household. By constantly sticking to such practices, it may eventually be easier for you to address your own needs along with those of your children. But since you also have other roles to fulfill daily, there might be instances when you cannot be there to physically accompany them, so it would be wise to rely on your loved ones as well.

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