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Set Boundaries: Prioritizing as a Working Woman

The challenge of the pandemic is fading, and life is returning to its usual routine and old challenges. Having the children at home and managing their online learning while remaining productive during telecommuting was a challenge that many of us were blindsided by. But we rose to the challenge and have found ways that work for us.  

Returning to the way things were may seem like stepping back into an old pair of shoes. But things don’t stay the same when they aren’t in regular use. You may find that readjusting to commuting, physical schooling, finding time to stay connected with your spouse, and managing your other responsibilities seem harder.  

You need to be kind to yourself and admit that balancing work and family is hard for everyone. Finding what works for you and your family is more important than presenting a facade for society. Meal planning guarantees that your children will have a nutritious meal even on days you’re too busy to cook. Hiring a home health service allows your elderly parents to continue living with you while getting their medical needs to be met effectively. Paying a babysitter to look after your children a few days a week so you and your husband can have a date night is not a sign that you are a bad mother. It is proof that you are a good wife because every relationship needs work and happy parents lead to happy and successful children. Find what works for you and stick with it.        

Goal Setting Helps Keep Things Organized  

When you set goals, it allows you to know what you need to prioritize at any ambiguous time. Setting a schedule for yourself still allows for a lot of free time, and having goals can help you to get the most out of your free time.  

If your goal is to lose weight and you enjoy cooking, then you can learn to make low fat and nutritious vegetarian meals. This allows you to do a scheduled activity for relaxation while working towards your goal.  

A fitness goal can meal lifting light weights while watching TV at home or taking the stairs instead of the escalator at work. A learning goal can mean reading educational books instead of fiction or watching documentaries rather than sitcoms.  

Planning Is a Priority  

Set aside two hours every weekend to plan out the week ahead. You could even set these two hours on a Friday so that you can make plans for the weekend and not have to cut into your relaxation time. Preparing for the week to come can lift a lot of stress off your shoulders.  

This planning should include your work schedule, appointments, meals, children’s activities, and exercise. This allows you to know exactly how much time you will have each day to focus on your other obligations. If you know ahead of time that your Tuesday has a lot of meetings and a children’s sport activity immediately after work, then you can make alternate arrangements for dinner as you will be unable to cook. Knowing that the week is busy means you can prioritize family bonding time for the weekend.  

Doing this planning activity with your spouse can help the two of you better support each other, work as a team, and pick up the slack where possible. Seeing the other’s schedule will allow you to have more compassion for how hard you both work and make it easier to connect and reduce resentments or misunderstandings.  

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Negotiate a Different Work Arrangement  

Many companies have been forced to acknowledge that their employees are just as productive and efficient while working from home. If your track record has been solid throughout your telecommuting time, consider approaching your superiors about having a new in-office schedule.  

A reasonable workplace would be willing to work out a system that works for you and your team. Being able to work from home on the days that are most hectic for your spouse or your children will allow you to be more present and keep on top of things better.  

Delegate at Work and at Home  

Letting go of the mindset that you need to do everything by yourself can be incredibly freeing. It is a negative mindset, and it could be holding you back. People are social, and companies thrive in an atmosphere for collaboration. Families are quite literally about cohabiting and coexisting in a loving atmosphere.  

Delegating tasks to your colleagues is a way to ensure that the work gets done and that more creativity and different viewpoints improve it. Delegating chores help teach children responsibility and accountability. It allows you to relax and focus on enjoying your family instead of trying to run your family.        

If the entirety of your stress is coming from the worry that returning to work and your children returning to school will not allow your family to spend time together, then adjust for it. Talk to your children and remove them from some of their after-school activities. Use this free time to schedule your workday so that you can leave early or work from home on those days.  

This way, you get to be there for your children if they need a confidante. You can help them with homework and teach them how to do chores efficiently. You do the best you can for your children, and you can give them the strength and confidence to excel at every other aspect of their lives.

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