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Practical Strategies for Overcoming Insecurities

Most people, if not all, have something that they are insecure about. This feeling of insufficiency or lack of confidence is a common issue, especially among women. There seems to be something better with the woman beside you. It could be her looks, her relationship, or her career. Insecurity is not a bad thing per se. A healthy amount of it can spur you to improve yourself. An appropriate level of insecurity can also make a person teachable.

The problems arise when insecurity reaches unhealthy levels. Too much insecurity serves as roots to depression and anxiety. In some cases, insecurities lead to physical problems. Examples of which are insomnia, hypertension, or eating disorders. As a woman, how can you empower yourself and overcome your insecurities? There are no perfect solutions, but here are some practical strategies.

Do Things That Make You Feel Good

Insecurities arise when your emotional banks are low. When you spread yourself too thin, it is easy to give in to negative thoughts. Commit to doing things that increase your self-worth. Have you been trying to hide gaps caused by some missing teeth? You tend to think that your smile is less than perfect because of it. Do not delay getting dental implants. You will feel good and be more confident after.

Self-love is also essential. It does not need to be anything grand. Eating a nourishing meal or nurturing your body through a massage can do wonders. Taking up a hobby or continuing one that you have neglected is also good. It will remind you that you have extraordinary talents and skills.

Deal with What Makes You Feel Insecure

Your mind can play tricks on you. It can magnify things when you are trying to avoid those issues. The best way to deal with insecurity is to face it head-on. There are many ways to do it.

For one, never underestimate the power of journaling. Write down your negative thoughts. Do not interrupt yourself or feel guilty about having such thoughts. You can also make a list of things that make you uncomfortable. After writing them down, tackle the question of why. Why are you having such negative thoughts? Why do these things make you uncomfortable? When you analyze these things, you may realize that they are not bigger as they seem. By facing them head-on, you will discover that these thoughts cannot have power over you.

If you are not comfortable writing, you may find a therapist.  You may voice your thoughts with this person. Working with a professional can also help you find the roots of your insecurities. They can help you challenge your negative thoughts. Also, they may guide you to develop ways to overcome them.

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Decide on Whom and What to Take In

Most of the time, insecurities come because of whom and what you allow in your life. If you are always with people who criticize you, know that you are not in good company. Although it may be hard, step away from people who do not add value to your life. Toxic relationships will always make you feel inadequate of yourself.

In the same manner, learn to filter what you expose yourself to. Check what you are following on your social media platforms. Do they contribute to better mental health? If you feel that your insecurity increases because of your social media, you can declutter it. Better yet, go for a digital detox for a certain period.

Dare Yourself to Step out of Your Comfort Zone

Some insecurities come with the idea that a person has limits with what they can do. They feel that another person is more capable or more talented. The truth is, only the mind can put a limit to what a person can do. Differently abled people are a perfect example of those who rise above their situations. Instead of wallowing with insecurities, they challenge themselves to try new things.

You can take a page from these people. Try to do something that you have not done before. Facing your fears is a declaration that you will not fall victim to your insecurities.

Delight in Your Accomplishments

There is a simple yet very empowering act that everyone should practice. Be your greatest fan. Encourage yourself when you feel overwhelmed. Congratulate yourself when you know you have done something well. Doing this will cut the need to ask for validation from someone else.

Another technique is to keep a confidence file. Write down or make some notes on your computer or phone about your accomplishments. Also, include sincere compliments from people who love and support you. When insecurities come, pull out this file and read everything written there. You will come to realize that you are someone better than what your insecurities are trying to tell you.

Overcoming or dealing with insecurities is not an easy path. It may involve undoing a lifetime of unhealthy thought patterns. But in doing so, it will make you healthier and happier. You gain a better understanding of yourself, thriving relationships, and a flourishing career.

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