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Minimally Obvious Plastic Surgeries Among Trends for 2019

Whether it’s a breast augmentation surgery in Utah or a rhinoplasty in California, more patients no longer want to see a drastic change in appearance post-surgery. This preference for minimalism is just one of several plastic surgery trends for 2019.

Otherwise known as “tweak-ments,” this process requires the maintenance of the general face or body structure as well as the patient’s genetic features. It can be described as aiming for the person that they see on their smartphones after adding image filters. While breast implants will remain popular this year, not many will pursue a bigger size unlike 10 years ago. Instead, more women prefer natural-shaped and proportioned implants.

Subtle Yet Effective Changes

Some of the treatments that require minimal changes include a procedure that requires an incision beneath a patient’s nose. This addresses a sagging upper lip without resorting to lip fillers. It’s a small change that experts say it does a lot to change a person’s appearance, which isn’t too noticeable at the same time.

Tweak-ments such as this one will continue to be popular this year, particularly among younger people. Part of the reason for this trend could stem from several horror stories of botched treatments, so patients are becoming more careful about what they want in a cosmetic procedure.

Non-Invasive Procedures

Despite the rise of minimally invasive treatments, some people still dislike the idea of having to go under the knife to achieve their desired look. An analysis showed that procedures such as Emsculpt are gaining favor among this demographic, as evidenced by the demand for non-surgical treatments to contour certain body parts.

Cosmetic surgeries aren’t just for those who want to alter their look, but also for people who want to prevent signs of aging. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery’s (AAFPRS) survey indicated that people below 30 years old have become more interested in cosmetic treatments, whether invasive or otherwise.

Cosmetic Surgery Among Millennials

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According to online medical portal RealSelf’s analysis, industry experts believe that Botox will remain as the top preventive treatment among those between 18 and 24 years old. The AAFPRS poll somehow supported this claim since injectables and non-surgical procedures accounted for 80% of all cosmetic treatments in 2018.

Cost is a huge factor in this trend. For instance, consumers are now seeing cheaper prices for injectables and shorter downtimes. Some procedures could be done in just an hour, which is known as the lunchtime procedure. There’s also a less noticeable social stigma against cosmetic surgeries, primarily because of social media’s influence. As a result, more men have dabbled in this area of medical treatment that was once only socially acceptable for women.

Whether or not you want a tweak-ment for yourself, it’s important to consult a board-certified plastic surgeon to determine the right treatment for your case. Try to spend as much as you can on your chosen cosmetic procedure. Remember that you often get your money’s worth for medical treatments, and plastic surgeries are no exception.

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