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Single Women Guide: How to Embrace Living Alone

Over the past years, the number of single-person households in the United States has dramatically increased. Before, majority of these households consisted of men. But nowadays, single-person households are dominated by women. There could be dozens of reasons why modern single women love living alone.

It could be because they enjoy spending time on their own, love having private space for their hobbies and interests, or want total independence and freedom. Or, it could be all of that. If you have just moved into your space and are about to start your journey in living alone, you might find these tips helpful.

  1. Figure out what makes you truly happy

Having serious self-reflection is a huge help for anyone who wants to live an intentional and happy life. If you’re a single woman who lives alone, you perfectly have the time and space to think about your ambitions and desires. You even have the freedom to put your needs first and focus on yourself.

What’s your definition of success? Is it moving to the countryside and living a quiet life? Working for a fashion magazine in the big city? What makes your day a little brighter? Is it getting groceries and cooking for yourself? Binge-watching your favorite TV series? Or, is it as simple as writing or reading? If you’re struggling to find what makes you happy, consider your personal values and daily life priorities.

  1. Practice gratitude

According to studies, people who take time to recognize good things in their lives are more likely to have positive emotions and actions and tend to be happier. In fact, practicing gratitude can help you demonstrate more compassion and kindness toward others. It helps open doors to better relationships, improves your mental and physical health, and even increases your confidence.

Don’t take things for granted. You have a roof above your head, food to eat, money to spend, and a job to support your lifestyle. Appreciate what you already have and pay attention to new things as well. You can practice gratitude by keeping a journal, using visual reminders, and meditating on your relationships with family, friends, and workmates.

  1. Consider getting a pet


If you have always longed for a pet, this is the perfect chance to do it. Make sure your space or apartment building allows it, of course. Having a pet will turn your empty house into a lively, fun home. They are also known for offering physical and emotional comfort and can totally brighten your day.

Are you feeling aimless on most days? Getting a pet allows you to adjust and stick to a schedule since they require regular care and feeding. If you need a good reason to go out more, having a dog will make you accountable for a routine visit to a veterinarian and daily walks. Just make sure to learn about the proper care for the pet you’re getting before making a decision.

  1. Avoid mindless consumption

Living alone can give you a great amount of time that you should use to rediscover and improve yourself, from your habits to priorities. But in this modern, digital world, we often find it hard to do that. Instead, many of us use our time to scroll on social media or shop online. But should you keep doing that? Don’t you think you need to reassess your actions and decisions to change for the better and become happier? Recognize the gift of quiet and avoid filling your world with noise. Devote time to things that really matter and have a clear, positive impact on your life.

  1. Connect to the community

Researchers have found that individuals who live alone are the ones who spend the most time with their loved ones and in the community. Also, remember that loneliness does not strike as often as you think it would. But when it does, you have the perk to explore and connect with your community. You can research volunteer opportunities in your area. Check your local shelters or schools.

You can also participate in local community events like barbecues, sidewalk sales, or marches. Or, you can start by getting to know your neighbors, especially the ones who seem to have the same interests as you.

Embracing the opportunity to live alone can’t just help you cope with any moments of loneliness or boredom. It can also transform you into the more independent and free spirit you’re supposed to be. Enjoy your private space, invest in your self-care, and fall in love with the whole experience. Who knows, you would probably miss it when you choose to have a family. But for now, live that life, sweetie!


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