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Getting Younger Skin For Free

There are a lot of factors that can cause your skin to age, or at least look like it’s aged. You may be smiling a lot, creating those smile lines. Or maybe you like making your eyebrow dance, producing seemingly permanent creases on your forehead. Or perhaps you’re just getting a little bit older and wiser. Specials on botox treatments are all the rave nowadays because of the pursuit of looking young.

The hottest temperature ever to be recorded in Utah was 117 degrees. That’s right, one hundred and seventeen degrees. Imagine the effect that kind of weather could have on your skin.

Before you decide to get that treatment, here are some cost-free ways to keep your youthful skin.

1. Drink more water

Millennials have substituted the parting phrase “take care” with “stay hydrated.” They were obviously up to something because water helps keep the skin looking young. Your skin is also an organ. This means that it is composed of cells that need to regenerate every so often. Skin cells are made up mostly of water. Being dehydrated shows through your dry and flaky skin, reminiscent of its dead skin cells.

2. Reduce stress

Stress has shown to be age accelerators that cause actual physical changes to the body emphasizing age indicators. Taking the time out of your day to meditate both has amazing short term and long term physical and mental benefits. It gives instant relief from stress, clearing the day’s worries and doubts away. In the long run, the habit of meditating can also help you handle stress in a calmer and more level headed manner.

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3. Get more physical activity

Perspiration means getting rid of the body’s toxins. More physical activity helps you lose unwanted and unnecessary oils that may be lingering in your bloodstream and ultimately showing up on the surface of your skin; manifested as a pimple or a mump of some sort. Exercising also elicits dopamine release from the brain. Dopamine is a crucial bridge between neurotransmitters that is used in reward and motivation behavior, as well as memory and attention. Some even call it the “happy drug.”

4. Include more fat in your diet

Sounds counter-intuitive, right? However, the type of fat that you should be consuming more of are the healthy ones. Salmon and walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This kind of fat helps stabilize the mood, strengthens the bones, and reduces bodily inflammation that would significantly reduce the signs of aging.

Try to veer away from sugary food and unhealthy types of carbs that would make you oilier than you should be. Excess skin oil tends to gather muck and dirt that will clog and infect your pores.

Overall, if these simple steps are still not convincing enough for you. Go ahead, get that botox treatment. Self-love and care are manifested in various ways among different individuals. If botox or even plastic surgery empowers you, do it. As long as it does not harm you or anyone around you, do it.

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