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Get Immediate Relief With Same Day Dentistry

Have you heard of the term “same day dentistry”? This means that your dentist will deliver your dental appliance—for example, implants or crowns—on the same day that you come in using modern technology and dental-certified materials. The practice differs from traditional dentistry, which takes two or more appointments to complete a certain procedure.

Why is it necessary?

Same day dental work saves people time and money because it does away with return trips to the clinic. It is also efficient in addressing emergency dental problems, such as broken or chipped teeth, lost filling or crown, and braces or brackets that have come off.

The practice of same day dentistry allows any dentist to scan ahead and prepare your tooth and make the dental work needed ahead of time. Your dentist will then adjust, match the color and provide final polish for your dental restoration. This way, you do away with the need to wear temporary ones and come back and forth for further appointments, which can take much of your precious time, money and effort.

With the right orthodontic tools and appliances, your teeth restoration is completed on the same day as your dental checkup and appointment.

What good does it do?

Many patients dislike having to visit a dentist several times for checkups and appointments. Most of the time, patients want to get things done ASAP. With the use of state-of-the-art technology and instruments, dentists can now make things happen fast and in the most efficient way possible.

Whenever you have a decayed or permanently damaged tooth, patients have to endure wearing temporary crowns for several days. The temporary crowns are very tender and delicate, and they often need special treatment and care. Same day dentistry is able to address and remedy this situation.

Another advantage offered by same day dentistry is that patients can easily picture exactly how they will look like after a certain procedure with the aid of digital visualization technology. So, you will no longer feel apprehensive about how you will look like after getting a crown, veneers or new dentures. Even braces and brackets can be simulated for your satisfaction.

What could be the downside?

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The major drawback for same day dentistry is that dental treatments are often done in a hurry. When things are rushed, there is a tendency, however small, that some things may not look as perfect as they should. Additionally, while some treatments and procedures can be done in the exact same day of the visit of the patient, the healing capability of the body will still take time.

Urgent dental treatments require securing an appointment with a dental professional. Many dental offices are open during weekdays and certain times in the weekends, by appointment.

All things considered, same day dentistry is a huge advantage and help for patients who do not have the luxury of time to spend in visiting dentists for appointments done in several days in a row. If you want immediate results, turn to same day dentistry.

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