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Debunking The Myths about Stem Cell Therapy

Thousands of people across the world are relying on stem cell therapy to treat an array of medical conditions. The great news about stem cell therapy is that it is an excellent alternative to surgery. The treatment option has evolved in recent years to become viable for individuals struggling with ligament issues, osteoarthritis, joint pain, and other conditions. Stem cells multiply to become specialized cells that target the disease or injury and heal it by replacing the damaged tissue.

Unfortunately, the number of people using stem cell therapy for various conditions such as back pain and tendon damage would be higher than the current number of people who have heard the facts about the treatment option. It can be challenging to separate the truth from the misconceptions because the myths about stem cell therapy have become widely believed. However, debunking these misconceptions could save you from undergoing invasive and costly surgery. As such, you need to be fully informed if you have a chronic orthopedic condition and have been considering a stem cell treatment but are worried about the myths.

Stem cells for the therapy are harvested from embryos

It is probably one of the most widely spread misconceptions about stem cell therapy. Embryonic stem cell research attracts controversy and debate due to ethical issues. But, there’s a much bigger picture. The therapy involves other types of stem cells such as the adult stem cells and the umbilical cord blood cells. Adult stem cells are often used for the treatment of conditions related to the tendons, joints, and ligaments. The adult stem cells are found in every person and every organ and tissue throughout the life of an individual.

Stem cell treatment may be rejected

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Some people believe that sometimes, bodies do not accept the stem cells. In reality, stem cells cannot be rejected by your body because they are natural cells that have been extracted. Most people who believe this misconception are those who correlate stem cell therapy with organ treatment. Organ transplant has high risks of being rejected because the organ does not come from the individual’s body. Do not let this fear stop you from trying this treatment, as it has been proven to be far from the truth.

Stem cell therapy procedures are painful

The truth is that stem cell therapy is minimally invasive. As such, it offers people an alternative to lengthy and painful surgery. The treatment is often carried out in a stem cell therapy center, and it takes a few hours to complete. Also, patients do not need post-operative pain medication. Also, you can go back to work within two or three days and return to your regular physical activities faster than after invasive surgeries.

Stem cell therapies have a grand promise for the future, and they have the potential of reducing pain, enhancing lumbar discs and cartilage health. As such, these misconceptions should not discourage anyone from giving this treatment option a try or prevent you from getting the numerous benefits it offers. Stem cell therapy can have a positive impact on a person’s overall health.

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