Back Pain: Causes and Simple Remedies

When experiencing any ache in our bodies, most of us tend to brush it off until it worsens and it’s too late. That’s why ignoring little aches or pain in our body must not be commonplace. Placing one’s health and body constitution should be everyone’s top priority.

One of the most ignored parts of human anatomy is our backs. Without our backs, most works that we do will be deemed impossible. The back supports everything from our spine to our heads. The back also protects a lot of nerves and it connects the upper body to the lower extremities like the pelvis and the hips. As such, the back is just as important as any other part of our bodies. It is indeed a crucial part that must be taken care of.

It is important to know some habits and illnesses that cause back problems.

Bad Posture

One of the prevailing causes of back problems is posture and movement. Most people do not take notice, but a lot have hunched back or bad posture. There are a lot of possible reasons why they have this, one is bad habits that probably stemmed from childhood and were carried over to adulthood. For example, sitting with a hunched back can develop into a habit and might not take notice early on but will have an effect on your posture. And as an adult, sitting for hours in the office can also affect your back.

The use of technology also harms one’s posture. Being constantly glued down to your phone or tablet can lead you to develop a text neck. This a condition where your neck leans bending forward too much causing inflection. The effect of this condition is pain on your neck and bad posture.

Weak back muscles

Our back is composed of muscles that protect the spine and the other parts of that region. Because of everyday work and tasks, our backs remained undeveloped and untrained, making them more susceptible to injury and pain. Strong back muscles can also help in carrying the weight of the body, making your back is more erect, thus protecting the spine and other parts in that region.

It is also essential if you want good posture. But years of back muscles neglect make it more susceptible to bad posture. As such, it is time to put some time into developing your back muscles.

Spine Issues and Illnesses

spine issues

Back problems can also be caused by spine problems that may have been due to hereditary or other causes. One of the prevailing causes of back pain is an undiagnosed illness like scoliosis. Simply put, scoliosis is an abnormal curving of the spine. The illness is usually evident in children but can also be developed in adulthood. In some extreme cases, scoliosis can cause extreme back pain, uneven hips, and shoulders, and even breathing problems.

There is no definite cause for scoliosis. It could be development issues as a child or heredity. Treatment also varies depending on the degree of curvature of the spine. Some can be corrected through simple means like wearing a corrective brace. While others may need to undergo surgery.

In some cases that do not require surgery, there are ways to correct and improve your back. Some are even doable in the comforts of your homes.


Regular exercising is still the best remedy to avoiding back problems. If you are worried that this requires you to go to the gym, do not fret. There are simple exercises that you can do in your spare time. Doing planks and resistance training can do wonders for your back muscle strengthening.

Yoga is also a great workout activity to try if you really want to improve your posture and back. There are numerous free yoga flows on YouTube that you can try. Some don’t have to take too much time from your hands.

Physical Therapy

If you are suffering from a serious condition, it is perhaps best to go to a physical therapist. Back conditions such as scoliosis require immediate and professional treatment. Through physical therapy for scoliosis and other back problems, rehabilitation can be done correctly and with ease. There are many centers out there that cater to therapy and ensuring that you’ll be able to fully return to your best physical self.

It’s time to place importance on your health, especially the state of your back. If you are feeling uneasiness and pain in your back, it is time to make changes in your life. Start with little steps and eventually, you’ll be able to make improvements.

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