Day: November 20, 2020


Strange but Effective Ways Stressed-Out Millennials and Gen Zers Can Destress

Even before the pandemic, young people already reported being stressed out most of the time. For millennials, their long-term financial future is what contributes the most to their stress. As for Gen Zs, it is their career or job prospects. Add the fact that the pandemic has affected young people’s jobs and finances only added

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Boosting Your Self-esteem Can Help You Whether the Pandemic

We’re all familiar with the effects of self-esteem. With a healthy dose, you feel more confident in anything you do. People perceive you as being more likable. Lower that, and you’re prone to feeling lonely, anxious, and vulnerable. It can cause you to withdraw from relationships and suffer poor performance at work or other tasks.

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Weight Loss and Women: Some Facts and Ideas to Keep You Healthy

There are so many benefits to maintaining a healthy body weight. More than optics and aesthetics, a healthy body weight allows us to live longer, curb diseases like diabetes, certain cancers, heart disease, and give us more energy to live our lives. However, there have been a lot of myths, misinformation, and negative images in

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