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You’ve Been Cleansing Your Face Wrong This Whole Time!

We all go through great lengths to get that healthy, radiant, and good-looking glow on our skin; from the best laser skin treatments to the most effective products available on the market, it’s a testament to a woman’s self-care and self-love. Plus, nothing beats the satisfaction of rinsing yourself, drying off, and looking at your beautiful reflection in the mirror.

However, we’ve seen far too many skincare routines and regimens fail at the crucial first step of cleansing, treating it as nothing more than just a means to prepare the face for all the other parts of the process. In reality, cleansing is equally important as any other step. We would even argue that it’s the most essential because it lays the foundation on how effective the rest of the skincare regimen becomes. So, today we’d like to introduce you to the double-cleanse technique, arguably the best way to start a skincare routine.

What Is The Double-Cleanse Technique?

As the name suggests, the double-cleanse technique refers to using two different cleansers at the start of a skincare routine, first with an oil-based cleanser and then topped off with a water-based cleanser. It works by giving your skin a more thorough cleanse instead of using your typical foam, leaving it on for a few seconds, and washing it off.

Of course, we understand why you might think it suspicious to use two cleansers and are most likely considering that this technique dries the face too much. Why can’t one cleanser be enough to call it a day and get on with the rest of the regimen? But you see, skincare is a cumulative process, and the double-cleanse technique helps amplify and improve the efficacy of each subsequent step.

First Cleanse: Oil-Based

Don’t worry; just because it says “oil-based” doesn’t mean you’ll be left with an oily face after every wash and causing breakouts every single day. In reality, oil cleansers are a godsend and among the most effective ways of washing the face for those who have sensitive and acne-prone skin. Plus, it can even leave your skin feeling softer and looking brighter than ever before.

  • Breaks Down Oil-Based Impurities: The idea behind using an oil-based cleanser first is because it strips away all the oil-based impurities with it after a thorough cleanse. Oil-based impurities like excess sebum, makeup, and the sunscreen you put on in the morning all wash away with an oil cleanser. As a result, you’re left with very minimal impurities and leftover debris that a water-based cleanser can quickly solve.
  • Use Warm Water: As a good rule of thumb, we recommend using warm water with an oil cleanser because cold water doesn’t make the cut emulsifying. Sure, you could give it a try with cold water, but most products work best with warm water. Plus, warm water is generally more effective at loosening up accumulate dirt and debris.

Second Cleanse: Water-Based

You’re probably more acquainted with this one, but after using an oil cleanser and removing all the oil-based impurities from your skin, always follow-up with a water-based cleanser. These skincare products are generally less harsh on the skin and still retain the same level of efficacy as any of the best products in the market.

Looking Your Best

  • Removes Leftover Impurities: The goal of using a water-based cleanser is to remove the leftover impurities after the initial oil cleanser wash. Although oil-based cleansers are effective at removing a lot of things, it doesn’t remove every bit of debris, so we’ll have to take extra steps to be thorough. Things like sweat and small amounts of dirt are easily removed with a water-based cleanser.
  • Foam Doesn’t Equal Effective: While all those foam and bubbles that typically form during a facewash feel like an indication of cleanliness, the foam doesn’t actually equate to an effective product. So, please remember not to base your product choice on the amount of foam created, but rather the ingredients used and your skin’s pH level afterward.

Important Tips To Remember

Now that we’ve discussed and explored the effectiveness of the double-cleanse technique, let’s go over some important tips to remember. While the above-mentioned process should be more than enough to change your skincare routine, it doesn’t hurt to take extra steps in making sure the skin gets the love it needs.

#1 Massage Your Face

When cleansing your face, don’t shy away from multitasking and giving it a good massage while you’re at it. A massage helps encourage healthy blood circulation and can give you a youthful glow in the long-term. Plus, it’s typically more relaxing to add that extra bit to your routine.

#2 Don’t Forget Your Toner

After washing your face, please don’t forget to use your toner to balance out your skin’s pH level. It also acts as an extra layer of defense against the elements and leaves a refreshing feeling. Plus, if you’re worried about removing blackheads, it also improves the effectiveness of moisturizers.

Give Your Face The Cleansing It Deserves!

A good skincare routine doesn’t have to be rocket science, and with something as simple as the double-cleanse technique, you’ll be giving your face the love it deserves and a healthier-looking glow in the long-term. So, don’t forget to utilize the tips mentioned above, and feel free to share this with friends and family.

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