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Working Long Hours Can Make You Prone to Stroke

Although being on top when it comes to performance is always ideal, pushing yourself too much by working long hours is not good for your health. Research shows that the longer you spend time at work, the higher your risk of developing a stroke is.

Long hours are defined as more than 10 hours in the office, done at least 50 days every year. The study showed that people who have worked for extended hours in the office have a 29% chance of stroke, while those who have worked long hours for over a decade have at least 45% risk of suffering a stroke.

But despite the results of the study, people shouldn’t start to panic. Instead, everyone in the company should find a solution to help alleviate the demand and stress in the workplace.

Aim to work efficiently

While stress is inevitably part of every job, excessive stress can profoundly affect a person’s performance. Even more, it can also impact their physical and emotional health. Some people also have their relationship with their loved ones affected, too.

Although you can’t control every aspect in your workplace, there are ways you can alleviate its impact. One way is to be efficient. Some studies have shown that people who run their own companies seem less affected by excessive work hours as opposed to those working on irregular shifts.


Help yourself alleviate the stress

There are simple things that you can do to reduce the chance of stroke, even if you are far more than you should. One way to release workplace stress is to reach out to other people. Simply sharing what you have in mind can help you reduce the pressure and stress that come with your work.

You can create a reliable support system with your co-workers to help balance the adverse effects of job stress. You can also try to speak to your friends and family members about it, too. Having a secure support system outside of work can help manage your stress effectively.

On the flip side, isolating yourself from others can help you become even more vulnerable to stress. There are many health care benefits in Utah that you can always consider to help you manage the pressure that you feel in the office.

Stay healthy

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When you’re overly focused on work, you tend to neglect your physical well-being. But when you support your health with proper nutrition and exercise, you’ll soon discover that you’re more resilient to stress.

Making time for a few regular exercises can help increase your heart rate. Thus, positively affect your mood and even improve your energy.

Also, you need to be smart with the food that you eat. Eat small and frequent healthy meals every day to help maintain your blood sugar while keeping focused on your work.

When you feel like stress is already mounting at work, take a quick break and move away from the things that are causing you stress. You can do even just the simplest things, like taking a stroll outside, to help regain your mental balance.

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