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Who is Harley Street Dental Clinic?

Dentist W1 believes that excellent care in dentistry is based firmly in the relationship between patient and dentist. Allowing this relationship to flourish will ensure that the patient’s teeth will benefit massively as they will be taken care of to an extremely high standard. It is believed that the needs and expectations of patients should always be met and exceeded. Completely personalised services with a relaxed and stress-free environment will be used to have the best effect on our patient’s nerves and oral health. The most advanced equipment, materials and techniques will be used to ensure that the most up to date methods will be used to have the best effect. The science behind dentistry is always evolving so it is important to keep up with these methods to always treat the patients in the best way possible. In order to offer the best service, time is taken to get to know each client and their needs. This article will run through the services that are available through this practice and what will happen if a patient decides to use this practice.

What services are available?

There are many different treatments available for Dentist W1. Cosmetic Dentistry is something available to patients who decided that they are unhappy with the appearance of their smile. Patients are able to reconstruct their smile to be more aesthetically pleasing. Missing Teeth is something that patients can be assisted with. Missing teeth can be a health risk of the overall health of the mouth, missing teeth can be treated with treatments such as Dental Implants. General treatments and preventative dentistry is important to maintain a healthy mouth and this can prevent issues from arising later in life. Invisalign and orthodontics are available to straighten out a patient’s smile and this can lead to health benefits such as teeth that are easier to clean. Children’s Dentistry is something that is supplied alongside Specialist treatments and Referrals. Facial Aesthetics is also something that is available to clients who wish to freshen up the appearance of their skin, aesthetics can be used to improve the look of the skin in subtle ways.

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What should I do next?

Once a patient has made an appointment, time will be taken for the dentist to get to know their patient to understand their needs. Any questions that the patient has will be answered as the highest standard of care will be issued. Dedicated professionals will be on hand at every step of the way. Each patient will be matched to the dentist that will best be able to meet their needs. If a patient needs an emergency appointment they will be seen as quickly as possible. Whilst patients wait for their appointment, they can enjoy tea and coffee whilst watching tv. A prayer room is also available should a patient need it. Following a consultation, it will be determined what treatment will be needed and if specialist care will be required. If a patient thinks that this practice could be the one for them then they should consider getting in touch so they can begin their journey to a healthier smile.

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