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Types of Lift Chairs

As human beings progress in age, doing some of the most of the basic of tasks becomes a tall order. Some may have difficulty in walking, talking and even hearing. Fortunately, growth in technology has led to the development of equipment that assists those having trouble handling these basic tasks.

One such medical equipment in Orem that has changed the lives of those unable to get up from the sitting position without help is the lift chair. This wonderful invention is made in such a way that it gently moves one from the sitting position to the standing position with a push.

The push comes from a button on the chair that has been conveniently placed and made to have just the right amount of power not to throw you to the ground. That said, read on to learn about the different types of lift chairs available.

Two-Position Lift Chair

When compared to the other types of lift chairs, the two position lift chair is the simplest type of lift chair. It offers the user only two options when it comes to reclining positions. One of them is the typical 90-degree upright angle while the other is a 45-degree recline.

In the case of the 45-degree recline, your body will be in a position whereby your back will lean backward from the upright angle at 45 degrees while your legs will be slightly elevated. The seat is made in such a way that when the seat reclines back, the leg support raises.

Three-Position Lift Chair

This type of lift chair has two positions similar to those of the two-position lift chair. These are the 45-degree recline and the upright angle. The third position is whereby the chair reclines to an almost flat position.

This angle is meant to relieve the user of pressure on their joints and back. At this position, the user can comfortably read their newspaper or take a nap. It should be noted that all the elevating and reclining aspects of the three position lift chair are one moving part.

Infinite-Position Lift chair

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This chair prides itself in its flexibility. It is the only type of lift chair that will give you the option to adjust it in a variety of ways till you can find a position you will be most comfortable in.

You can lay flat, sit at an upright angle, elevate your legs while your back rests at the 45-degree angle and even have your legs raised above your head as you lay flat. Their capability to do all the above has also earned them the name zero gravity chairs.

While the types of lift chairs above are mostly used by the elderly, they are also suitable for the injured that require temporary assistance. The seats are also available in different kinds of sizes to suit the variety of body sizes.

You should also know that while lift chairs are considered medical equipment, they can be a great addition to your home décor, too. They often look like regular recliner seats.

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