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Profilho a Binary Action Treatment For Your Skin

Medical science is constantly producing some amazing remedies for our ailments and for our aesthetic pleasure. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and to help us look and feel younger, science and technology have been providing us with the tools to maintain our looks. Profhilo Kent is one of those modern tools which is now available. Cosmetic dentistry is an area where dentists perform some incredible treatments to enhance the features of patients. Dentists have been trained in how the human body works, especially the head and neck area. The skin, bones and muscles of these areas are where a dentist has the most expertise. Very often when a patient loses a tooth or teeth, that area of their face will become drawn and take on a sunken appearance. Dentists are, therefore, very familiar with recognising facial symmetry. Facial aesthetics is an area where the dental profession is comfortable and administering these treatments easily falls into their sphere of expertise. The beauty of this treatment is that it stimulates the production of natural hyaluronic acid and improves skin elasticity at the same time.

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Helping your skin help itself

Profilho works differently to traditional dermal fillers. This product is thermally bonded instead of being chemically bonded which makes it a better hydrator of the skin. By stimulating natural hyaluronic acid your skin will look and feel tighter. The consistency of the solution is also much smoother than traditional dermal fillers with a fluidity not dissimilar to honey.

Revitalises your skin

The substance used is a very high grade of pure hyaluronic acid without additives. It is often used on its own, but it can be used in conjunction with Botox and other dermal fillers. The main areas for its most efficacious use are the face, neck, hands and decolletage.

Consultation and discussion

A dentist will make sure no procedure is progressed without a lengthy discussion about the condition and the treatment. This applies to all aesthetic procedures as well. When a patient identifies the need to have an aesthetic procedure they must know and understand the pros and cons of that treatment. A dentist will also want to establish a patient’s expectations and if the treatment will meet those expectations. Once the patient has decided to proceed with a treatment a dentist is happy to use their expertise and knowledge to achieve their goals.

The treatment procedure

Profilho is regarded as a bioremodelling procedure because of the binary effect of stimulation to produce natural hyaluronic acid and tightening of the skin. The solution is administered by using very fine needles to the area to be treated. The total duration of the treatment is about twenty minutes.

Five injection points are identified which will stimulate four types of collagen and will commence a slow release of hyaluronic acid beneath the skin. The effect is that the skin is hydrated and the skin tissue gradually tightens, reducing the appearance of ageing.


The results of the treatment can be felt almost immediately and will last from six to twelve months.

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