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A Guide to Staying Healthy While Pregnant

Expecting mothers have to bear with tons of advice, some solicited and some unsolicited. No matter what, it is for your good. Most older adults at home or the workplace will suggest different measures for you and your unborn baby. You can get confused at times. Moreover, you must have heard that a pregnant woman must eat for two. It is partially true. Try it out, but in moderation.

There will be a lot of changes happening inside and outside your body. So ensure to listen to your doctor and take care of both yourself and the baby. Grandma’s remedies do work, but you should also pay heed to the doctor’s advice.

Here are a few ways to stay healthy during pregnancy.

Eat Well

You probably don’t have to eat double the calories. Now, that should relieve you a bit. Most women need about 300-400 calories more than what they would usually consume. Occasional cravings are completely fine. Portion control is important. You have to eat proper portions of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats while pregnant. You can choose to eat generous amounts of fruits, green vegetables, and grains.

Fruits have a lot of vitamins. A fetus needs a lot of vitamins to attain the desired structure and growth rate. Your doctor might also prescribe vitamin supplements, but natural is always good. Folates or folic acids are nutrients that are essential for your baby’s development. It helps to avert birth defects.

Green vegetables contain a lot of iron. The body needs more iron to increase blood supply and eventually oxygen to the baby. Thirdly, fat is a strong source of energy for your baby. It also contributes to the proper development of the baby’s brain. So, you have to ensure to have loads of it.

Avoid Harmful Substances

While you are pregnant, it is best to avoid alcohol, colas, and coffee. Your doctor will tell you about it. These affect the developing baby’s nervous system. Moreover, you should also abstain from tobacco. If you are heavily dependent on alcohol, you must go for a treatment to stop drinking beforehand.

Furthermore, it is always good to start planning your pregnancy after you have managed to give these addictions a miss. However, if it is unplanned, you should start taking adequate measures then and there.

Alcohol consumption in pregnancy can lead to many fetal disorders. Tobacco also increases the risk of miscarriage and preterm birth. You need to understand that there is no safe amount for such substances. Colas and coffee contain caffeine, and it is harmful to your baby.

It might be the cause of miscarriage and low birth weight. Colas also contain sugars and can lead to the development of gestational diabetes. It can lead to respiratory distress for the baby. So, it is better to avoid these. There is no safe limit as such.

Have Adequate Water

When you are pregnant, you need more water than any other person. It helps in the formation of the amniotic fluid. Moreover, it also helps to produce extra blood, carry nutrients, and flush out toxins easily. If it is summer, it is all the more important.

The multiple benefits of water are decreased incidence of constipation, less swelling, and urinary tract infections. Most doctors suggest a minimum of eight glasses of water during pregnancy. If you do not like to drink much water, there are other ways to keep hydrated. Have natural drinks, like lemon tea, milk, sparkling water, or juices.

Exercise During Pregnancy

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Just because you are pregnant does not mean you should be sluggish. Unless you have any other complications and the doctor asks you not to, you should. Moderate exercise for at least 30 minutes is something very important. Some low-impact exercises you can engage in are jogging, walking, running, swimming, and dancing. Avoid strenuous activities like boxing and gymnastics.

Yoga is a great way to rejuvenate your body and mind. Take frequent breaks in between these exercises, and drink a lot of water. Take care to exercise in the comfort of your home and under the watchful guidance of someone from the family. This can help control or avert any untoward incident, like a fall or injury.

Travel, but Be Alert

Some women have traveled for work until the last day before delivery. Life goes on even if you are pregnant. You need to discharge your duties before you go on maternity leave. This applies to all working women. However, you have to be careful.

Try to avail yourself of personalized transport. Carry your own food and water while traveling long distances. Flights are completely safe till about eight months. However, you need to be cautious. Avoid rugged terrains, if possible, as they can cause discomfort to the womb.

These are a few things to remember while pregnant. What you consume ultimately reflects on the baby. Hence, nurture healthy habits like meditation. Your baby will also be able to avail of the benefits inside the womb.

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