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It’s Time to Start Treating Your Health as the Top Priority

Being healthy is relative; you can’t say that you’re fit just because you do not see any signs of sickness in your body. You may be in your peak condition now, but you must understand that it won’t always be that way if you’re not careful. Here are three signs that you’re not prioritizing your overall health as much as you should:

Sign #1 You’re Tolerating Your Constant Pains

Every person’s pain tolerance is different; what’s painful for you may not be distressing for others and vice versa. But there’s a difference between knowing how to take the pain and tolerating pain even when you no longer can. If you identify with the latter, then you should know that you’re only hurting yourself by leaving your pains unaddressed.

It’s unhealthy to keep taking pain medication for your constant aches and pains, especially when there may be long-term or permanent solutions that can treat them. For instance, if you’ve noticed that your foot is developing a bunion, you should know that you don’t have to learn to live with the pain.

To address this, you’ll need to consult a podiatry specialist about potential treatments that you can do. If you’re able to treat the bunion early, non-surgical treatments are still possible. However, for more serious conditions, a surgery called bunionectomy might be warranted to remove the deformity.

That’s why you should never dismiss constant pains and aches by taking over-the-counter medications. There’s also a possibility that the pain indicates a more serious underlying issue. It’s always better to get them checked out by a physician or specialist if you think there’s something wrong with your body.

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Sign #2 You’re Letting Fear of the Unknown Reign

The human body is both wonderful and frightening at the same time. For one, the female body can grow an entire human being inside of it in a mere span of nine months or less. But then it can also develop lumps and masses that you won’t notice immediately because these aren’t as visible as fetuses are.

If you do notice a lump growing inside you, then it might be too late to do anything about them because it could have already compromised your health for good. That’s why it’s essential to be sure about your body’s current condition rather than let your fear of the unknown reign supreme.

One of the best ways to do this is by doing preventative healthcare, which means that you’re going to regular check-ups and taking screenings for conditions like cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, or other chronic illnesses. An excellent example of this is if you have someone in the family that has breast cancer.

There are tests for the breast cancer (BRCA) gene that you can take if you think that you’re at risk for developing cancer. But even if no one in your family has a history of breast cancer, you should still take mammography annually once you turn 45, so you can get an early diagnosis on the off chance that you develop a lump.

Sign #3 You’re Not Watching What You Eat

As you age, your body changes too. The internal processes that allow your body to keep functioning may start slowing down. And your organs may produce the cells, hormones, or proteins that you need more infrequently. Because of all these changes, it’s only fitting that you change what you put inside your body.

If you continue to eat and drink the same way you did ten or even 20 years ago, there’s a higher chance that you’ll develop serious health conditions because your body can no longer cope. For instance, if you were a heavy drinker in your youth and stopped, then recently returned to drinking more than your body can handle, it might cause liver damage.

That’s why you have to start watching what you eat and drink, especially during late adulthood. You have to eat cleaner and healthier because your body will need the additional nutrients you can get from food. Plus, doing so will help you avoid developing serious illnesses or health conditions that hinder you from enjoying your life to the fullest.

Your health is something that should never take a backseat in your list of priorities. Instead, it should always be your topmost priority. Without it, you may not be able to accomplish your goals and aspirations once you’re sick and bedridden. So, don’t wait until something terrible happens to you before you show your health the importance it deserves. Give it the attention it deserves for you to have a better quality of life.

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