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The Importance of Self-care amid Climbing the Corporate Ladder

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big and aspiring in life, but they should never be considered reasons to neglect your needs. If you want to climb the corporate ladder and build a long career, you should also take care of yourself in the process. Here’s how you can do just that:

Be Wary of Mental Exhaustion

The previous generations of the workforce are too obsessed with working long hours and taking on more than they can handle. This romanticization of overworking has to be stopped because it’s forcing people to burn themselves out under the pressure of this so-called “success,” which is incredibly unhealthy.

You should keep in mind that no amount of success will be worth it if you’re no longer around to reap the fruits of your labor. So, you have to be wary of mental exhaustion and burnout. It would be useless to climb up the corporate ladder if you’re going to hate the job because of everything you had to put yourself through to get there.

Instead of forcing yourself to succumb to the pressures enforced by society, choose to do what’s best for you. It’s possible to get to high places and achieve your career goals without sacrificing your mental health. That’s why you shouldn’t dismiss the reality of burnout because it can happen to anyone.

Squeeze in Physical Activities

Most corporate jobs will have you sitting in front of a computer or a meeting room for hours at a time. This means that for the better part of the day, your body weight will exert pressure on your hips and back, which can lead to chronic pains. And this will be even worse if you’re suffering from a condition like scoliosis.

If you know that a sedentary lifestyle will be bad for your overall health, you should at least try to squeeze in physical activities despite your demanding work schedule. For instance, you can do simple exercises for scoliosis back pain to ensure that it won’t worsen because of your lifestyle.

You could also replace parts of your routine with ones that will encourage you to become more active. A good example of this is if you rode a bicycle to work instead of taking the car. Or, if you only have to go to floors up, you should consider taking the stairs to engage your muscles instead of the elevator.

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Take Frequent Breaks from Work

Contrary to what you may have been led to believe, incessantly working on a task even when you no longer have the drive or focus doesn’t equate to productivity. It’s much better if you take frequent breaks from your tasks rather than force yourself to accomplish them no matter how long they take.

By taking breaks, you’ll be allowing your mind to breathe and recenter its focus. Even a short five-minute break to close your eyes, go to the bathroom, or walk around your workplace will be healthier than forcing yourself to work continuously without breaks. Plus, it can help with your blood circulation.

So, unless you’re dealing with a strict deadline, you should consider taking a small break every hour if only to catch your breath. By implementing this change in your working habits, you may come to find that you’re becoming more productive and efficient compared to when you were working non-stop.

Consider Preventive Healthcare

As mentioned earlier, it would be senseless to slave away for a job that you’ll have to give up later on because you kept compromising your health in the process. Understandably, working long hours and giving up your time may look like markers of success to you, but they will often come at a price that you may not be willing to pay.

Instead of sacrificing your health in exchange for a more prestigious role or higher pay, you might want to redefine what success means to you. Don’t make the mistake of using society’s markers for success as a basis for your own because you weren’t made to fit a mold. So, choose to create your own definition.

Also, you might want to consider doing preventive healthcare to avoid developing serious health conditions later on. This means that you’ll get annual medical check-ups and get tested for chronic illnesses in the hopes of catching an early diagnosis, if there are any. You can even look at it as an investment to your future career because then, you’ll rest assured that all your hard work wouldn’t be for naught.

Pumping caffeine into your veins and working through sleep deprivation may feel normal to you, but that isn’t right. Keep in mind that you’re working to live and not the other way around. That’s why you should never do anything at the cost of your sanity and well-being because you’re your most important asset.

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