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Personal dentistry and technology in harmony!

Any dentist in London knows that being able to embrace the latest technology while providing personal dental care requires a chairside manner that takes years to develop. What is a good dentist?  A dentist today is more patient focused rather than treatment orientated. Patients in this century have become more aware of their teeth from a practical as well as a cosmetic point of view. For example they are more actively seeking teeth whitening in London. Sometimes using off-the-shelf teeth whitening can result in gums being affected. A good approach used by dentists is to conduct a thorough examination of the cause of the staining and then to assess the root cause. There are a number of medical conditions that can be identified from dental discolouration. Sometimes a condition as serious as liver disease or an eating disorder can be highlighted by a thorough dental examination. If a medical condition is indicated then a responsible dentist will advise the patient as to the best course of action to be taken. Teeth whitening treatment should be designed around a particular patient and custom trays made to fit snugly over their teeth to prevent any gum irritation. Customised dental whitening home kits are designed by the dentist so that a patient can continue treatment at home with a safe personal kit, if they choose.

The priority is dental hygiene

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Dental hygiene cannot be promoted enough, because it is the basis of maintaining oral hygiene. The process of maintaining your teeth and gums is not difficult, but it does rely on you maintaining a regime of routine brushing and flossing, at least twice a day. Thirty-three per cent of adults in the UK have never cleaned interdentally or flossed their teeth. Thirty-nine per cent of UK adults don’t go to the dentist regularly. Six monthly visits to the dentist can significantly reduce having to make more visits caused by not identifying problems early.

Introducing the next generation

It is also of extreme importance that those patients with children start to bring them into the dental surgery from a young age primarily to avoid dental anxiety at a later stage of their lives. Children introduced to the dental surgery environment early tend to grow up less stressed by a visit to the dentist, when they are older, than children who do not enjoy the opportunity of an early visit.

Cosmetic dentistry

The introduction of smartphones and the obsession with celebrities who all seem to have perfect teeth has resulted in the desire to also be able to produce that perfect smile. A quick treatment for chipped or cracked teeth is a veneer. A very thin sliver  of porcelain is bonded to the relevant tooth or teeth which makes your teeth look even with no chips or cracks allowing you to produce that million dollar smile. Composite bonding in London also provides a solution to closing up small gaps between the teeth.

Motivated by patient satisfaction

For a dentist there is no more rewarding result than seeing a patient leave the dental practice with a broad confident smile.

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