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Perfect Smile: How to Have One with a Retainer

Having crooked teeth was embarrassing, and you could not muster the confidence to smile. Now, things are changing, and in time, you’ll be wearing the perfect smile you’ve dreamt about. Still, there’s still work that needs to be done.

After orthodontic treatment, an orthodontist in Delano, California places retainers on your teeth. The main purpose is to stabilize the teeth and bones to maintain the new alignment. If the new alignment changes, then you have worn the braces for a long time in vain. After the removal of braces, you will be wearing retainers for 12 months at the most to maintain your new smile.

Removable and fixed retainers for orthodontic retention

A dentist will recommend retainers for orthodontic retention. The first class of dental retainers consists of removable devices, while the second class is a fixed type. The bonded retainers are attached to the teeth, while removable ones easily slide out for brushing and cleaning and for when you eat. Because bonded retainers are cemented to the teeth, they remain in your mouth all the time, and you may have to wear them for at least a year.

Depending on the progress of your treatment, there will come a time when you only have to wear the retainers at night. The length of time you must wear the retainers depend on the treatment goals and the results of the bracing. You’ll have to ask your dentist about this matter.

The importance of wearing retainers

Woman about to wear a retainerStabilization of the new alignment of your teeth is possible only with the placement of retainers. The structures within your mouth still have to adapt, and this takes time. The bones and gums will have to form to allow for the new configuration. Teeth do not shift their positions instantly. If nothing is available to support their new alignment, they can return once more to a crooked configuration. Treatment reversal negates every discomfort you have gone through with bracing. Surely, you want treatment to progress, so wear the retainers to prevent regression.

For teenagers, it is necessary to wear retainers after bracing to allow space for the eruption of wisdom teeth. With a crowded mouth, wisdom teeth may not erupt full or remain impacted in the jaw. That kind of situation can result in many problems.

The rewards of following instructions

Being hardheaded will do you no good. If you want to flash that beautiful smile and boost your confidence, you will wear the retainers as instructed—forever if need be. Make sure that you clean them as instructed. If you are wearing removable retainers, do not eat with them to prevent wear and tear and inadvertent damage. Keep your retainers away from heat so that they reach their lifespan. When playing contact sports, remember to wear a prescribed mouth guard to protect the oral cavity. Lastly, removable retainers have a protective case. Remember to place them there when not in use. Bear in mind that they must be clean always.

No matter what the type of retainer the orthodontist prescribes, you should be responsible for their care. Once you start wearing them, see it through to the end. Don’t let the device go to waste.

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