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Need a discreet brace that is as tough as a regular one? Your FAQS about Incognito answered

Did you know that there is a hidden brace that looks and acts in the same way as a regular orthodontic one?

Known as Incognito Weybridge, this brace is perfect for teenage and adult patients who may need a bit more than a simple realignment of their teeth. And, as the name suggests, these braces are hidden away from onlookers, so you can feel confident when you wear them without drawing stares.

But before you rush to find a dentist who can fit this brace, you will probably have some questions. In this article, the most commonly asked queries about this brace are answered, allowing you to decide if they are right for you. Enjoy!

What are they?

They are, in short, a modern and almost invisible option for those who would have conventionally needed a metal or orthodontic brace.

Unlike regular braces which are fitted to the front of the teeth, these braces are fitted to the back of teeth, but they are attached via brackets and are adjusted using an archwire.

Due to their discretion, they cannot be seen when you are smiling, making them ideal for most adults who may need something a bit more advanced than an invisible aligner.

So, are they that different from regular braces?

In their design, these braces do not differ greatly from traditional braces, but it is their positioning that sets them apart. In fact, these braces are so different in their appearance from regular options that members of the royal family have worn them, such as Prince William.

Also, the brackets used to attach them have certain parts made from solid gold, so they are much more classy too! But, as mentioned before, they move your teeth using a series of adjustments, so in comparison to regular braces, they are no different.

Can children have them?

Yes, they can!

But remember, suitability for this brace will depend on the issue being treated and many dentists will prefer for children to wear regular braces. This is for two reasons; firstly, they will have less issue maintaining braces that they can see and secondly, it is less time consuming when making adjustments. But if your child doesn’t wish to wear an orthodontic brace, it may be worth asking your dentist about this option.

How long is the treatment time with them?


Like all orthodontic treatment, this will vary.

But it is worth considering that this brace is an alternative to regular braces, and thus is more suited to complex orthodontic problems. And with the complexity of the issue comes the lengthy treatment; an average use of this brace as an adult can take up to two years. But, as they are hidden, you won’t need to worry about people staring!

Can any orthodontist fit them?

No, to fit this brace type, your orthodontist will have needed to undertake specialist training.

In order to find an orthodontist near you who can fit them, an internet search will turn up all the answers you need.

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