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Is a non-surgical facelift for you? Five advantages to this non-invasive procedure

When you are looking for a way to refresh your look without surgery, it can feel a bit confusing, to say the least.

After all, many people have grown up with the ideology that the only cosmetic procedures that work include surgical intervention, so if you want to avoid such drastic measures, will the procedure have the same effect?

In relation to cosmetic procedures like a non-surgical facelift in Buckinghamshire, there are many options that you can choose from. The majority of cosmetic clinics across the UK can offer clients such procedures and, while they may not seem as impressive as their surgical counterparts, there are many advantages to choosing them as an alternative.

What are some of the benefits of choosing a non-surgical facelift in Buckinghamshire over a surgical one? Read on to find out!


Surgical facelifts can be costly.

The associated costs are linked to; the hiring of a cosmetic surgeon, hiring the operating room, the anaesthetic, etc. However, when you choose to have a non-surgical facelift in Buckinghamshire, there is no operating room cost, no payment for anaesthetic and, while you are paying for the services of a medical practitioners skills, they are simply injecting under your skin with either hyaluronic acid, muscle relaxants, or both.

Minimal to no recovery time

Major surgery, such as a surgical facelift, comes with a great deal of recovery time and should never be taken lightly.

Indeed, depending on the procedure that has been performed, many clients who have undertaken facelifts alongside other procedures may need to wear surgical bandages for two days post surgery.

The non-surgical option is straightforward and requires little to no recovery time, allowing you to go about your day as normal.

Minimal discomfort

young woman with healthy glowing skin

With any surgery, there is also a real risk of discomfort.

However, facelifts that are performed without surgery are far from invasive and so they create an easier experience for the person that has undertaken them. In comparison to traditional, surgical options, any discomfort experienced is usually controllable with a topical numbing cream applied to the site of the injection before treatment and many fillers today also contain lidocaine for a more comfortable treatment experience.

If you are concerned about the level of discomfort you are experiencing post procedure, it is vital that you contact a medical professional as soon as possible and inform the clinic where your procedure was performed.

Faster treatment

Surgery is not only costly, but it is also time consuming.

Surgical facelifts may take many hours to complete, meaning that you will have to book time off  work for the procedure and the recovery. The non-surgical alternative has earned itself the nickname of ‘the lunch-hour facelift’ as the treatment is usually over in a few minutes; perfect if you have a busy schedule to work around!

Minimal risk

Every procedure carries risks but, for a facelift without surgery, the associated risks reduce drastically.

Post-treatment complications, such as infections, are less common when compared to surgical facelifts alongside other side-effects, like bruising and swelling to the face.

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