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In search of a dentist in Soho?

When you visit a dental practice, you can expect to choose from a range of both routine and specialist dental services with general treatments, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and preventive dentistry. What some people may not know however, is that dentists are also able to provide treatments for those who would like to reduce the appearance of lines on their face.

The benefits of adentist Soho carrying out facial aesthetics treatments

Being highly skilled healthcare professionals, dentists are more than experienced enough to carry out treatments under facial aesthetics. Through training and practice, dentists are skilled in administering injections to patients, and their knowledge of the structures of both the face and mouth makes them ideal candidates to administer facial aesthetics treatments.

What facial aesthetics treatments can a dentist perform for me?

If you are considering having facial aesthetics treatments, a dentist will be able to administer a variety of treatments including botulinum toxin and anti wrinkle treatment.

Considered to be a minimally invasive procedure, botulinum toxin is used to reduce lines and wrinkles in an individual’s face, resulting in a more youthful looking skin and appearance. This toxin is normally used to reduce lines in the forehead along with wrinkles, crow’s feet and lines around an individual’s top lip and mouth. The toxin is injected directly into the muscle. Made from a bacterium, this protein works by relaxing the muscles in the face, resulting in fewer facial lines. It is important to know this treatment is temporary and should you require long-lasting results, you will need regular treatments from your dentist in order to preserve your youthful appearance.


If you are particularly nervous or anxious about injections you will be happy to know that not only is the procedure considered to be quick and painless, the treatment time lasts for a maximum of 10 minutes.

Following the treatment, you can expect to see results within the next seven days.

Botulinum toxin can also be used to help those who experience extreme sweating along with facial sweating and for those who grind their teeth or suffer from TMJ.

Another facial cosmetic treatment which is offered at dental practices are dermal fillers.

What are dermal fillers?

Unlike botulinum toxin, dermal fillers reduce the signs of wrinkles and facial lines by plumping up the area, which results in youthful looking skin. Made from hyaluronic acid, dermal fillers are considered to be a safe and non-surgical procedure which leaves you with desirable results.

Before administering dermal fillers, a dentist will first use a local anaesthetic, in order to reduce the feeling of discomfort in the area where the dermal filler will be injected. Following this, the procedure will be carried out which only lasts a few minutes and you will be able to see the effects of the treatment immediately. This procedure can last between six to twelve months and in order for you to maintain the results of the fillers, it is recommended that you return to your dental practice for follow up treatments.

Along with plumping up wrinkles and facial lines, dermal fillers are also used to enhance an individual’s lips and to contour areas of the face, neck and in some cases, the hands.

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