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Your Simple Guide to a Better Smile

A bright smile can influence your life in numerous ways both personally and professionally. Studies upon studies have revealed that people hold a good smile in high esteem, meaning that improving your smile can change your life for the better. That in no way suggests that you should not be thankful for the kind of teeth that you already have. In any case, teeth are some of the hardworking parts of the body, doing tens of thousands of chews per day. The point is that if you want to take care of the smile, you might want to pay a little more attention to the teeth.

Dull Smile Triggers

Stained teeth can result from many things, some out of your actions some not. Some drinks have pigments that will automatically interfere with the smile. Coffee, red wine and several beverages contain dark pigments that continually spoil the smile. Tobacco is also undesirable in as far as a bright smile is concerned because of its nicotine and tar content. These components introduce yellow and dark discolorations respectively. Interestingly, time is also a factor in the development of a dull smile.

The tooth comprises of two layers- enamel and dentin. Enamel, the outermost and white layer, tends to erode with time leaving behind the yellow dentin layer. Some people are spotting that dull yellow smile because they no longer have the brighter enamel on them. People who have suffered mouth traumas may also have dull smiles- the tooth may be covered with a higher composition of dentin than normal. With these causes of a deteriorated smile, you can now identify a smile enhancement method that works for you.

1. Regular Brushing

Alongside flossing, brushing the teeth daily offer an effective way of warding off oral bacteria. The best kinds of toothpaste contain fluoride, which helps enhance the enamel and therefore promote a bright smile. Flossing is equally important as it removes plaque and other particles from teeth.

2. Teeth Whitening

Teeth-whitening treatment is a growing area in terms of products available and dental techniques. Today, you can even get these products off the shelf. Remember to ask for the approval of the dentist and look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance on the product.

3. Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can transform a smile massively. A fantastic dental innovation covers various tooth problems including cracks, decay and fractures. Apart from countering discomfort, the crown can restore the smile.

4. Dental Bonding

This solution may also be what you need to improve your appearance. By bonding some special material on the teeth, the dentist can brighten your smile. The good thing with bonding is that it involves the removal of only a small portion of the enamel.

5. Braces

Many patients with crowded or crooked teeth opt for braces to brighten their smiles.  In the process, the patients also benefit from reduced chances of tooth decay, gum disease and other mouth issues.

6. Dental Implants

a patient having her teeth check by a dentist for dental implant

Dental implants are popular for patients in Westchase who have missing teeth. Implants are fixed on the lower or upper jaw to act as anchors for new teeth. They last long so this is a perfect option if you are looking for a lasting smile.


Your dream smile will come if you perform these procedures, either separately or together. If in need of more support, be sure to contact a professional in Westchase.

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