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Good Posture: Common Mistakes Women Should Correct

Whenever we watch ballerinas, we stand in awe of them. We’re transfixed. They are always so elegant, so poised, and so graceful to look at. But why do they always stand out? Well, the reason is simple. Most of us have poor posture. However, maintaining a good posture is essential not only for ballerinas but also for women in general.

For starters, good posture enables a person to take up more oxygen and breathe easier. Plus, it makes you all the more attractive. Whether you’re in a sitting or standing position, great posture evenly distributes our weight throughout our body. That way, no parts of the body experience undue stress.

But reality bites. Research shows that 25% of women are prone to experience neck pain more than men. Worse, these women have a lesser chance to recover. If you are experiencing this, you need to improve your posture right away. Why? Bad posture will not only result in back or neck pain, but it may also trigger other more serious health risks.

Luckily, it’s never too late to start fixing your posture, unless you’re an octogenarian. Even better, there are many simple exercises and tips that you can do to achieve good posture. It may be uncomfortable for the first try, but you’ll get used to it in the long run. Below are some of the most common bad posture habits you need to ditch, along with the ways to do it.

Slouching Habits

When working or even when at home, we always have this habit of slouching. Yes, most of the time, it does not cause discomfort. However, this position can cause strain on soft tissues and already sensitized muscle. As a result, this will increase tension in your muscles and cause pain.

Exercise sitting correctly. Expect that you will be uncomfortable at first. This is because you are used to a slouching position. But sitting right will strengthen your buttock muscles, back extensions, and core.

For people who already have spinal issues, there might be limitations in posture improvement. The good news is there are effective non-surgical treatments that could help you cope. A concrete example is the Schroth method of physical therapy for patients with a curved spine. By repetition, you will be able to restore your posture’s alignment, not to mention restore muscle symmetry—all that without having to do surgery.

Standing Unnaturally

Sometimes, we feel the most comfortable when we’re standing on a flat back. A pushed forward belly and a straight lower back not only causes bad posture, but it is also difficult to stand for a long duration of time.
Worse, you’re not allowing your abdominal or core muscles to support your spine and body.

Exercise a proper posture by strengthening your core, neck, rear shoulder, and buttock muscles. Start by doing planks, chest stretches, pull-ups, and back extensions. Through this, you’ll fix your habit of standing on a flat back.

A Hunched Back

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Sometimes we feel most comfortable when we hunch our backs. And it’s usually a sign of you having a weak upper back and a tight chest. This habit will eventually develop issues over time, like upper back and shoulder stiffness.

For adults who often lean and hunch over their desks, eventually, it will result in poor posture. Even replying through text messages from our loved ones causes similar problems.

Stop this habit by strengthening your neck, rear shoulder, and upper back muscles. Start by gently extending the neck upward and pull up exercises. Neck posture and chest stretches also help in correcting a hunched position.

Wrong Sleeping Positions

Keeping your spine straight starts with your sleeping positions and how you maintain your posture throughout the day. And this habit of sleeping on your stomach will prevent an aligned spine. Still, there are easy tips that could fix this problem.

When you want to sleep on your side, you should place a pillow in the middle of your legs. And when you sleep on your back, place the pillow below your knees. This is to decrease the stress on your lower back and hips. Most importantly, it stops the upper leg from pulling the spine and keeps it in alignment.

Not Moving Your Body Enough

Our body is intended to move. It’s meant to work and throughout the day. But if your movements are severely limited, your body will eventually start to ache, especially when you’re in a sitting or standing position for long periods.

A simple remedy is to stretch your body. Stretching is a great way to release most muscle strains produced by fewer movements in your body. Don’t think that this is only done for pre and post-workouts. You should do this multiple times a day. So get up and do a few stretches now so you may get your blood flowing throughout the day. It’s easy to do, and best of all, it makes you feel brand new in a jiffy.

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