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Getting Back Lost Teeth With Dental Implants, Maidstone

Losing a tooth or some teeth can leave an impact on a person’s mouth that lasts far beyond the point of the loss occurring, this can lead to someone changing their eating habits and other ways they used their mouths. In cases where extreme tooth loss occurs at the front of the mouth people may decide to avoid smiling on happy occasions, as they may not wish to expose the area of the loss for others to see.

Many of those who lose a tooth or teeth decide to look for a way to replace the loss, traditionally this is achieved by a bridge or with dentures in cases of extreme loss, but these devices do not come without their inbuilt challenges. What many people who have suffered tooth loss want is something that can give them the feeling of having their own teeth back.

Dental implants Maidstone, can give patients a permanent solution that is fixed in place and feels just like natural teeth, that will last any patient receiving this treatment a lifetime.

The process of restoring the teeth

The process of using implants to restore any lost teeth must be carried out within the environment of the dental practice, for safety reasons and this will also gain the best results for the patient. What follows is a brief outline of the procedure to replace a single tooth, when used to replace several teeth the procedure may vary.

restoring lost teeth

First, a titanium screw is inserted into the jaw of the patient, this will form a sturdy base for the new tooth to be placed on. The new tooth is created using a ceramic crown, this will be shaped and coloured to allow it to blend in with any remaining teeth surrounding it. Once the crown is prepared it is attached to the head of the screw, this will create a stronghold that will keep the new tooth firmly in place.

The new tooth will be hard-wearing and be more than capable of coping with the stresses the teeth go through in daily life. With the correct care, via brushing and flossing, this new tooth will last a patient a lifetime and should not need to be replaced.

The benefits of giving someone back their teeth

Once a patient has been given back their teeth using dental implants, they may start to feel a sense of freedom come back into the usage of their mouth, as they may start to enjoy a new way of consuming food. It is well documented that when someone loses a tooth or several teeth their eating habits change as they start to avoid tougher foods, such as steak.

Once the patient has their new teeth they can start to enjoy the foods they have been avoiding once more, so finding suitable food on a restaurant menu becomes less of a toughness issue and more an issue of enjoyment and taste.

For those who have lost teeth at the front of the mouth and may have been avoiding smiling, these replacement teeth can give them back the look of the smile that they previously knew and loved.

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