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Family care with the dentist

The family unit is one of the most important parts of most people’s lives and often they will seek to do everything they can to ensure that each member of the family is in the best possible health in every way. Most members of families are registered with a doctor’s practice to ensure that they can receive medical treatment when their bodies become unwell. Parents are encouraged to register their children with a doctor as soon as they are brought home from the hospital after birth, but it is also important that as a child grows they have the ability to access professional help with their teeth.

While it is hoped that all mums and dads will teach their children about the need to take care of their teeth and gums, normally by brushing them twice a day with toothpaste, this is not the only practice children should be taught regarding their teeth. Children should also be taught about the need to visit a dentist in Tunbridge Wells for their regular oral health check-ups and to receive any dental treatment they may need.

One question in many parents’ minds is at what age should their children be introduced to a dental practice? This is very much something that can only be decided by the parent, as they will always know their children the best and they will be the obvious people to know when to introduce the need for dental care into their child’s life.

The entire family should be treated

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Wherever possible it may be sensible for an entire family to all be treated by the same dental practice, as in many cases this makes it much easier to introduce younger children to the need for dental care and treatment. If a child can clearly see that their parents and older siblings are happy to engage with the professionals at a dental practice then this should help to encourage them to follow this example. It should always be remembered that children learn by copying their elders and the fact they do this can be used to an advantage here.

When it comes to the child’s first visit to a practice it may be best for mum or dad to allow them to be an observer at one of their oral health check-ups, this will allow them to see that their parents are happy to let these special health professionals examine their teeth and gums.

Research shows that when a child is introduced at a young age to the need to visit the dental practice and to follow a good oral hygiene routine, they often carry these practices throughout life and this gives them the best chance of maintaining their teeth until their old age. They may also pass these practices on to any children that they may have to care for, thus giving the next generation a strong start on its oral health and hygiene journey.

Family oral health needs

The oral health and hygiene needs of the family must never be ignored, as treatment and oral check-ups are easy to access via a dentist.

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