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Empowering Fellow Women: How Do You Do it?

The idea of women working together is a powerful image that will inspire others to uphold equality. However, you cannot take away the fact that some women don’t support their fellow women. Chances are they will fight and engage in fruitless debates.

We, as women, should get past this phase. We need to do our best to make great things happen for all of us. And this can only happen when women support each other with all their hears. This will only be possible when women make sure that their collective voices are heard, recognized, and appreciated.

It needs to start with you, too. You need to do your best to lift others. If you are looking for some pointers, below are some of the things that will help you empower your fellow women. You may realize that a lot of them does not need to be difficult:

Recognize each other’s’ strengths

One step to empowerment is the recognition of strengths and achievements. While you may have this impression that people should quell their urge for praises and recognition, remember that all humans need validation and reaffirmation. Your fellow women might need that. And when they receive it, you can expect that they’ll do better at their jobs. A lot of women are dealing with impostor syndrome, which invalidates their efforts and strengths. By reassuring them by recognizing their strengths, they will find it manageable to overcome their impostor syndrome.

Be there during their low points

You should not just be by your fellow women’s side during their success and life’s high points. A lot of women are also struggling at the lowest points of their life. Some might have lost their business, while others are undergoing treatment options for binge eating. No matter the challenge is, you should make sure that your presence is felt – that you are something that they can always rely on. By just being by their side, you are giving them more proof about the merits of women’s empowerment.

Help them build their network

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It’s also important that you are helping other women at your workplace. You can back them up during critical discussions and meetings, and you can help them with their workload and professional relationships. More than that, it is important that you give them access to a network of people that will help them achieve their goals. These may include corporate leaders, HR recruiters, and potential business investors.

Share something about your success

Success is something that many women share and celebrate. If you notice that some women are struggling with their projects and efforts in life, you may take the initiative to back less experienced women. You can share some tips on how you handle some things related to your career in life. That way, they will be inspired to better their goals and steps in life. You can do this by simply being a mentor or being a workplace confidante.

Stay approachable

Female rivalries and catfights should become a thing of the past. After all, modern women are all about supporting each other. To do just that, you must show other women the power of being approachable. Encourage your fellow ladies to go to you should they have certain questions and concerns.

Keep on empowering each other

The world is changing. But thankfully, more and more people are becoming more open to how women should empower each other. There are many things to learn and unlearn when it comes to this. But as soon as you maintain a progressive mind, things will become much more favorable. Do your best to empower other women and inspire them to do the same.

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