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Emerging Technologies for Burning Fat and Managing Weight

People make technological advancements in varying industries almost every day. Refinements in applied and theoretical sciences help enhance medical procedures, engineering, and other industries in the market. Some emerging technological breakthroughs are even made for fat loss and weight management. Listed below are the most promising and effective procedures for burning fat and managing what you can try today.

Emerging Technologies for Fat Loss

If you’re not too keen on surgical options for fat cell reduction but still want to address flabby body parts, consider these available options.


CoolSculpting, also known as cryolipolysis, is a medical treatment for excess fat removal. This procedure is an FDA-approved fat-reduction treatment that is available at med spas and plastic surgery clinics. CoolSculpting is fit for removing small pockets of fat that see no fruition from rigorous exercise and diet plans. Furthermore, the results from cool sculpting body contouring treatments are long-term since the fat cells are literally frozen away from your body.

The Process: CoolSculpting starts with a licensed plastic surgeon checking the patient’s targeted body part. The surgeon then uses specialized equipment to cool specific parts of the body to freezing temperatures. Throughout this procedure, the targeted body part’s fat cells are frozen and killed off. These will then be naturally broken down by the liver and flushed out of the body.

Cost and Benefit: CoolSculpting can cost between $2,000 to $4,000 per appointment. However, the cost depends on the location and the body part to be treated. CoolSculpting has the benefit of being non-invasive and can be administered to multiple parts of the body, such as the stomach, arms, and thighs.


UltraShape is a body contouring treatment that uses advanced ultrasound technology to target fat cells in the abdomen, thighs, and upper arms. This non-invasive procedure gives patients the benefit of comfort, quick sessions, zero bruising and redness of the skin, and little to no recovery time. Results are quickly visible within two weeks from the first session, while twelve weeks are needed to see the maximum effect.

The Process: Similar to nonsurgical methods, UltraShape is non-invasive and requires no painkillers. UltraShape uses an ultrasonic transducer that targets precise fat layers while avoiding vital nerves, vessels, and tissues. Alongside the procedure, the fat cells are broken down and transported to the liver for processing. Through this, the fat can now be transformed into usable energy for the body.

Cost and Benefit: Depending on the location and sessions, UltraShape can cost $1,000 to $4,500. UltraShape procedures are effective, safe, and comfortable—perfect for patients inexperienced in fat loss treatments.

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Emerging Technologies for Weight Management

A well-balanced diet is the bread and butter of weight management. Consequently, medical procedures and hours of workouts are useless if you don’t watch what you eat. So, to keep your food intake at bay and make dieting a breeze, check out these new techs for weight management.

Diet Automation

We love to eat snacks now and then, but did you know that snacking is the largest contributor to increased weight? It’s true, but don’t blame yourself. After all, eating chemically rich foods promotes cravings and alters our appetite regulation. Alongside crash dieting and broken appetite, our body conserves fat cells, which turn into stubborn belly fat.

Thankfully, we now have access to meal plans that promote healthy and nutritious foods with Diet Automation programs. Diet Automation programs, such as Eat This Much, involve calculating your recommended daily calorie intake and macros. In addition to that, these apps let you customize your goals, preferences, and preferred restaurants, all of which ease the creation of customized meal plans.

Fitness and Sleep Trackers

Most probably, you already have fitness trackers installed on your smartphone. If so, great! Having ready access to fitness trackers is the first step of every successful weight management. In essence, fitness trackers are the bread and butter of all diet plans. With fitness trackers, you can easily record your food intake and monitor what meals can affect your weight. Without necessary data, you will be forced to resort to estimated daily calorie intake and inaccurate macros, which strays you further from your goal weight.

Using digital and advanced technology for weight management and fat loss is a struggle for most. Technological problems, medical treatment risks, cost, and availability all hinder your plans to be healthy and fit. Despite all listed procedures above to improve your body’s aesthetics and reduce body fat, it’s still essential to partake in exercise and a proper meal plan.

If you’re really determined to resort to medical procedures, consult with your doctor first to determine the best approach for you. When it comes down to it, discipline, a strict diet regimen, and fat-burning workouts will let you reach your goal weight faster. And always remember to keep your mental health in check. Staying positive will help you stay determined throughout your fitness journey.

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