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Most Effective Foods for Countering Gum Disease

Oral health and nutrition are closely linked in several ways. If you develop a cavity and fail to treat it, you may be unable to eat certain types of foods. What potentially follows is malnutrition because you are failing to consume essential foods, such as fiber.

If you have an underlying condition such as diabetes, the situation could be worse than you imagine. The gum plays three irreplaceable roles: protect the teeth, ward off bacteria, and secure the dental bones.

As we take care of our teeth, we also need to keep an eye on the gum. Unfortunately, many people forget about this part, to the detriment of their health later. Yet, checking the diet is probably the easiest and most effective solution to diseases that may attack the gum. Apart from proper brushing and flossing, a discussion about gum-friendly foods with your family dentist is necessary to prevent gum disease.

What is gum disease?

Gum disease is another name for periodontal disease, which refers to the ailment of the gums. This disease is characterized by infections in the region between the teeth and gum line. Tissue recession is the most extreme symptom of the disease, others being tissue damage and inflammation. Most adults tend to have some form of periodontal disease at one point or another.

You can be on the healthy side by eating these foods more frequently.

Dairy Products

Cheese, milk, yogurt and similar milk products are perfect for gum health because they contain lots of calcium, which strengthens the bone. These products contain an essential protein called casein that helps destabilize the acids produced by bacteria as you sleep. Eat a chunk of cheese or take a glass of milk daily and the gum tissue will be safe.

Crunchy Foods

Part of the strategy of overcoming gum disease is to reduce the risk factors. Cleaning the teeth and removing food debris naturally is an excellent way of doing this. Eat apples, carrots, and similar foods regularly to not only remove stuck debris but also promote saliva production. Saliva flushes bacteria from the mouth.

Leafy Vegetables

Vitamin C is not just an immunity enhancer. It also promotes gum health by chasing away bacteria. Spinach and other leafy vegetables are rich in Vitamin C, which helps keep periodontal disease at bay. You can consume vitamins any way you want: sandwich, soup, salad, etc.


Chicken breast on a cooking boardWe are also adding chicken to this list, specifically for its content of collagen, an essential protein that prevents the gum disease.

Foods to Avoid

As you eat the above foods and combine with healthy dental habits, you want to stay off foods that promote bacterial growth and plaque formation. Examples are sticky candy, starchy carbohydrates, alcohol and caffeinated beverages. Others are citrus fruits, sports drinks and soda.

Bottom Line

Arming yourself with relevant knowledge gives you an edge in the fight against gum disease. With the suggestions offered here, you can better protect yourself from orally harmful foods and load up on healthy ones.

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