Invisalign braces

Are you over 50 and want straighter teeth? 5 reasons why you should try Invisalign braces

If you are like most people when you hear the word ‘brace,’ the image of a teenager or a child springs to mind. And with good reason.

For years, many orthodontic procedures seemed to have an upper age limit, with many orthodontists less than eager to fit braces on adults. Not only did traditional braces offer lower levels of success in older patients, due to the teeth being firmly set into the jaw, but few adults (if any) actually approached their dentist to have a metal brace fitted.

Until relatively recently, adult based orthodontics was not a popular field. But, due to the advances in orthodontic techniques and the invention of the clear and the invisible brace, more adults than ever are undertaking realignment treatments. You know this procedure is popular when adults in their 60’s are getting their teeth straightened!

Indeed, as odd as it may sound, many senior dental patients in the UK are undertaking  Invisalign in Kirton. Even if you are a more seasoned individual, you can still benefit enormously from having straighter teeth. Not only will your confidence increase, but you will have the added health-based advantages that come with having a straight set of pearly whites. What have you got to lose?

So, what are some of the advantages Invisalign in Kirton can offer older dental patients? Read on to find out!

Improved oral health

middle aged woman smiling

It goes without saying that having a straight set of teeth is easier to clean. Even if you are an older adult who has been a vigorous brusher for years, your teeth and overall oral health could still benefit from having straighter teeth. Invisalign in Kirton straightens any overlapping teeth, closes spaces, and corrects misalignments, meaning that the chance of cavities or gum disease developing drops substantially.

Better cardiovascular health

You have probably heard of the link between plaque on the gums and the increased risk of strokes and cardiac-problems. Once again, wearing an invisible aligner reduces the chance of these issues developing, due to easier cleaning and a lower incidence of gum disease.

Lowered risk of gastrointestinal issues

If your teeth are not straight, you may have issues chewing food correctly. Food that is improperly chewed reaches the stomach in larger chunks, meaning the stomach has to produce more stomach acid to break down the food. In turn, this can cause issues such as acid reflux, indigestion, and heartburn. Correctly aligned teeth are better at grinding down food, meaning that the digestion process is a lot smoother.

Facial symmetry

You may be surprised to learn that if you have misaligned teeth, your facial symmetry may be affected. Yikes! Undertaking treatment with an invisible aligner can improve facial symmetry; as your teeth straighten, your facial muscles will too.

Varied diet

When you have overlapping or gapped teeth, you probably avoid certain foods due to sticking.

After wearing an invisible aligner, you can consume a wider variety of foods, without having to worry about bits getting stuck between your teeth. Perfect!

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