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5 Ways to Prevent Bone Loss

As people age, it is only normal to experience a decline in bone mass. It is sad and unavoidable, but you can do your best to delay or minimise its impact on your life. Here are five things that could help:

Get dental implants to hold a replacement tooth or bridge

When a person gets their tooth extracted, there is a huge possibility that the bones in the jaw will lose its bone mass. To maintain the condition of the bone mass, the jawbone needs to have proper stimulation. Dental implants will help a lot in preventing the bones to cave in.

Bone loss is something that should concern you, so have a dental implant from your London dentist as soon as possible if you recently took out a tooth — whatever the reason how that happened.

Have yourself checked so you will know your risks

Believe it or not, there is value in going for check-ups on a regular basis. In fact, a check-up every six months is enough. Through these, you will be able to know the current state of your bones so you can still do steps to have a decent bone density as you age. This enables you to know the risks involved, so you may still do the necessary treatments. Among the risk factors that can lower bone density include low bone mass, arthritis, and smoking.

Increase the intake of food rich in vitamin D and calcium

No matter how old you are, you should not shy away from eating food that is rich in calcium and vitamin D. Both of these can help in forming and strengthening bones in your body so that lower bone density will not be a problem. The recommended amount of daily calcium intake is 1,000 to 1,200 milligrams. Vitamin D, on the other hand, is a must for your diet.

Keep an active lifestyle

group of people using the treadmill in the gymThe last thing you want to be in when you feel that you have lower bone density is to be inactive. Exercise is helpful because it enhances the strength and weight-supporting capabilities of the bones. This is especially true for exercises that require you to bear weights and balance, like walking.

However, you should also be careful with the exercises you do because these can twist or jerk some of your bones. Before you do any exercise, better consult with your physical therapist.

Limit your vices

If you do not want to have lower bone mass, you should do a shift in your lifestyle. The first step you should do is to limit or stop your vices, like smoking or drinking alcohol. Smoking has been found to have a large impact on bone health. The regular consumption of alcohol, on the other hand, is said to result in the decline in the bone mass of a person. Avoid them as much as possible.

The loss of bone mass is going to happen to anyone at some point. But, as the tips above imply, you can do things that will delay it from affecting you.

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