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Wonder Woman Workout | Women’s Health

After Batman’s 9 flicks and Superman’s seven, Wonder Woman lastly obtained her personal two hours on the large display this month. And we’re feeling the hype due to all that WW embodies. Amazonian power? Awesome. Phenomenal velocity? Yes, please. A statuesque physique? Sign. Us. Up.

While Diana (that is her alias, FYI) may need a small cosmic benefit, we relied on a extra attainable technique. “To look and feel like a superhero—which is just tapping into your strongest, most confident self—it’s about big movements that blast your major muscle groups and functional exercises that enhance posture and put you in tune with your body,” says Jason Walsh, the coach behind a few of Hollywood’s hottest motion heroines (together with Emma Stone and Jessica Biel). “That combo is key to create allover definition and boost strength.” You additionally need highly effective actions (just like the leaping and slamming you will discover right here) to stimulate the nervous system, incinerate fats, and recruit your fast-twitch muscle fibers—the blokes that’ll assist you to “fly” (dash and leap shortly).

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That’s the great thing about this high-octane routine from Walsh. Three occasions every week, do that circuit so as with out resting. Repeat as many occasions as you’ll be able to in 15 minutes, resting as much as 90 seconds between rounds.

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