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Women’s wellness: Do I still need birth management? | Health/Fitness

Birth management is usually one thing women, maybe of their 40s or early 50s, cease worrying about slightly too quickly.

“We find that in most of the research, by the time a woman reaches the age of 55, she is 95 percent likely to have gone through menopause,” says Mayo Clinic gynecologist Dr. Petra Casey. “Menopause is defined as one year of no periods. If you reach 11½ months of no periods, then have a period, the clock starts all over again and you’re still not in menopause.”

Do I still need birth management?

Wondering if you’re menopausal and may safely cease birth management? What birth management is greatest for women over age 35 or 40? Can you still get pregnant in your 40s and 50s? These are widespread questions women ask of their gynecologists, women’s health physicians and different health care suppliers.

Overall, virtually half of all pregnancies and 75 % of pregnancies in women over 40 years of age are unplanned.

Also, some being pregnant problems and danger of miscarriage go up with age. So, when you don’t need to develop into pregnant, utilizing efficient birth management till you’re really menopausal is essential.

Depending in your medical historical past, your health care supplier will speak with you about one of the best choices for you. If you’re at a wholesome weight, don’t smoke, don’t have hypertension or historical past of blood clots, you’ll be able to in all probability proceed the oral contraceptive capsule, patch or ring properly into your 50s.

Other nice choices which don’t include the hormone estrogen embrace IUDs, implants, photographs and minipills. Some IUDs include the hormone levonorgestrel, a sort of progestin, which helps lower and even remove heavy menstrual bleeding, a standard drawback for women of their 40s. These varieties of IUDs final three to 5 years.

Another sort of IUD is made from copper, doesn’t include hormones and may last as long as 10 years. Both forms of IUD and the contraceptive implant, a small versatile rod which is inserted underneath the pores and skin of your arm for 3 years of birth management, are collectively referred to as long-acting reversible contraception (LARC). They are simpler than tablets, patch or ring, don’t include the hormone estrogen (so women who can’t use estrogen can use these), and may shield you towards being pregnant for a number of years.

Just in case you had unprotected intercourse and also you don’t want to grow to be pregnant, there are additionally a number of sorts of emergency contraception, beforehand referred to as the morning after capsule.

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There are tablets referred to as Plan B One-Step which you will get at your native pharmacy with no prescription. They include the hormone levonorgestrel and delay ovulation or launch of an egg. They don’t intrude with a longtime being pregnant or trigger a miscarriage. Plan B must be taken as quickly as potential after unprotected intercourse however have to be taken inside 72 hours.

Another choice that’s simpler, particularly in case you are heavier, is Ella. Ella is efficient in reducing the danger of being pregnant as much as 5 days after unprotected intercourse however requires a prescription. A copper IUD inserted inside 5 days of unprotected intercourse is the simplest choice for emergency contraception however requires an appointment with a health care supplier. The benefit of the IUD is that you could hold it for birth management for as much as 10 years (and about 80 % of women do).

Once you could have missed your interval for a yr, you’re thought-about menopausal and should safely cease birth management. About 90-95 % of women shall be menopausal by age 55 and should cease birth management then. Sometimes lab checks are additionally carried out to verify menopause, however most women don’t need them.

Even earlier than the ultimate interval, many women expertise menopausal signs reminiscent of scorching flashes and hassle sleeping. You can begin on menopausal hormone remedy utilizing an estrogen patch to assist handle signs and use one of many progestin-only birth management choices for contraception and to guard the uterine lining from rising an excessive amount of with the estrogen.

The progestin-containing IUD, implant, shot or minipill all work nicely for this. If you could have had a hysterectomy, you’ll be able to take estrogen alone.

If you want to keep away from hormones as you transition into menopause, you should use the copper IUD, barrier strategies like condoms, cervical cap, diaphragm or sponge, or have a minor surgical process to tie or block your fallopian tubes. Your health care supplier may help information you in selecting the most effective birth management choice for you through the menopausal transition.

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